ok guys so I just went sargeing with 2 dudes yesterday and it was pretty good except there wasn't much ppl in the mall, despite one of the guys keep constantly negging me about anything I say, and another 1 said he was going to support me but on the 2nd attempt suddenly flaked @ the last moment and left me on my own and insisted on doing direct style, and came up to couple of babes and said they were cute, but got blown off bcos they had boyfriends.

However I did some situational indirect openers I read on here coming up to an HB and asking her advice on shopping for my niece.

1st HB said she doesn't know, wasn't into the convo

2nd HB turned out ugly faced and non english speaking, but her cuter friend joined in and we conversed about different hotest styles of clothing

3d Opened up 3d HB by saying she had a nice shirt, but she ignored me

4th Opened up 4th HB on the elevator by asking her about her backpack if it was made from crocodiles' skin and conversing for 10 seconds. Her friend turned around and checked me out twice.