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    Red face Days B4 HSchool School Dance (Long But JUICY)

    Okay so Im a highschool PUA and Ive been making the routines my own to use in a highschool enviroment. I Love them. Its about time I start giving back, carma ying yang and all that. So Ill be posting field reports more. But on to why you clicked this.

    Okay last night was my school dance, cant realy say what the dance called for reasons you know. To start, this back to school dance caught me by surprise, so I went into Alpha Leader of Men mode and went around school being social (Counqer Your Campus) and getting a group together. It was going pretty good, I got high energy Aka non lame people. I had another group to fall back on just in case I lost one. Being verry social is key to highschool PUA. But back to the story. Luck was also on my side, asked this HB8 id been working on if she had a partner she sharply said something (has an obvious attitude) so then i ask the sexy HB8.5 next to her if she has a partner, she says no I have like no freinds haha I say "ok lets have like a (motion group of 3) and she says "ok like a 3some" (Giggity its on. later after getting her number using MM C&F(you remind me of my crazy ex GF, wow your handwriting is sloppy, Did you go to northcoast concert I drove my guys there, Leader of Men, Protecter of loved ones dhv) then as i had to go back to my seat I said "I can keep your pen right?" and she said "yeah so you can always remember me" I then told her "yeah you kinda remind me of my crazy ex gf" went back to my seat never looked back at her. line used to Number Close was "so for (dance name) Im thinking of getting a group together. (pause for WOW HE's GOT SOME BASEBALLS effect) You wanna give me your number so you can be in it? (Bad to give her the power I know, But I kinda lost control there, it didnt come out smoooth but good enough)it was at the end of class so we were walking down the hall. She looked me in the eye and gave it to me. I wrote it down on my ready notebook, and she stared at it while giving it to me(irrelevant maybe). Then as we walked down the hallway. I asked "what was your name again"? She Said HBblah (never asked it in the fist place) Then she eagerly asked "whats yours"? I said Guy Code. I then used this line I LOVED THIS LINE NOW. it was along the lines of "My First Girlfreind was named HBblah, She was 6 I was 7,(pause) I allways went for older women" she responded with "haha Player!" After that I forgot what happend but i kept the convo going until we went to our Seprate classes. (we texted that night along the lines of the pen i borrowed from her) Next day ran after class rush game on her. and used this Opener THIS IS MY GO TO OPENER FOR HIGH SCHOOL
    MM line i think. I need a Girls Opinion (pause) do you think Its right for a guy to break up with a girl over text? (the pause is needed, 2 girls thought i said sex, and one thought I was implying she was a lesbo. Ill post that field report later.) She then IOI'd playing with her lip peircing(MM said u go in with the kiss, But were in the darn hallway full of people), and she said something i forgot, she kept playing with her peircing the whole time we talked. I kinda zoned out looking at her IOI. I then threw in a cold read " theres something about your eyes, you look sneaky" she then said as we had to part ways to classrooms. "Im not sneaky , (still playing with the lip ring) I walked on feeling acomplished. texted that night, saying (blah blah. "But you never answered my question", she said "what was your question" i said "text Breakup thing" she then replied with A LONG text that made me say wow. (I seem to be attracted to lesbian girls, it allways happens) She says "Dude for a second I thought you were my girl like trying to break up with me blah blah if you care about her I guese do it in person Blah blah, other wiiiiise i guese it dosnt matter lol why" ( I then used NLP for Text? idk it might have worked) Leaving spaces subbcommunicating U attracted to me (google nlp text wtvr) we kinda role played told her advice was a 7, she said "please my advice is like an 11" and I said "aha your adorable like a little sister"
    she replied XD alright lol. (I ended it first and there, and went to sleep)
    Next day: We needed partners again, she tapped this guy to get me. IOI? I went back and was her partner, I was bassically C&F, negging, kino her arm taps the the whole time. I grabbed her arm (kino kinoo) and said "wow whered you get this from" her band. She then told me she stole it from her sisters room. I did a failed yes latter. and it kinda stunned me. She was so open about just jacking her sister crap... I continued C&F. Bell Rung I got up, she was directly behind me, (corner of my eye) I shook hands with my huge swole af wrestling team mate (social proof, were both seniors) kept walking ( i knew she was staring, could feel it lol) went to my class. Later announcements were that the dance was moved inside
    Next Post Ill describe my AMAZING time at school dance (In my opinion)went out of comfort zone and got rewarded
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