Ok so friday was the back to school dance. I had my group, I was going to look alpha for this entire thing

This was no regular dance, the theme was basically, Dress crazy af. I almost came Swagged out. BIG DLV, i saw what everyone was wearing, went home and changed into regular clothes. Came back. It was on. Before getting in I met up with my group, only 2 so far but better than None. We went in all that. People were dressed C R A Z Y. we were kinda odd balled out. (I changed that later on, major DHV'd) So i going around with my guys. The girl who i gamed the days before (read my last post) said her ride was Draggggin, so I assumed (bad) she wasnt comming and said "we'll be inside" so then I started walking around with my guys, they started talking about leaving to go smoke blah blah, im thinking WTF??! I CAME TO GET B*shes. I got find my original other pre-planned group and start just dancing with them, (social proof) im doing me, its all about me and my bros, Im feeling it, and outta NOWHERE the HB8.5(from last post) whos ride was "dragggin" comes up smilling, I react, take her hand and keep dancing, (party rock was on) this beat drops and she keeps on her was (im in the zone I DGAF) its bros before hoes, I let her walk, and i regret it (shouldn't have) I then AFC'ly spend the next few mins looking for her,(wow stupid) I Find her and my energy is lower than hers, so i kinda freeze up she goes back to her freinds D'OH(homer) I brush it off, somethings gotta change! So Im walking around my guy sees someone he knows and talks to her blah blah, then he sees this girls freind (Obviously High Af) and says SOMETHING i didn't hear it, and BAM, gets her # Im thinking Holy Shiz. WTF did he say. I start to doubt my inner PUA. And say no, you got this, you have your MM approved lines in your back pocket just in case.



I GO IN THE BATHROOM AND PULL MY SHIRT OVER MY HEAD BEHIND MY NECK (I have a six pack) at first im like, this is stupid AF, then a guy walks in the bathroom, my mind clicks and says ALPHA no turning back, I WALK out the bathroom slowly ALPHA, MY REALITY my frame, im the prize. I have a ripped/toned chest. My DHV goes through the roof. something that actually never happened to me before happens. As i got past a HB8 black and a HB5 black, they kinda giggle and scream, i peek back and one is kinda chasing me.... my confidence goes through the roof thanks You Strength Training class, and wrestling, of course you paid off. I Go into the mosh Pit, Its like the Inferno in there. Im getting looks, I'm feeling good, Its hot I leave or, push my way out. Im looking Good and sweaty. Then The HB8.5 comes up, or i got her don't really remember, she touches my six pack like :O IOI and starts cheesing HARD, She says something really Quick and kinda rushed, in a Fried her circuits (Tyler Durden) kinda way, "I cant DD something something something?" quickly caresses my sic pack again IOIOI and giggles away, wayy too quick for me to say "hands off this sh1t ain't free"(Style) hahaha im still feeling Alpha and good (DHV) sweaty + Toned = chick crack. So then I meet up with my crew. I get in the zone again its just me and my guys, my dominant reality. Then Guess who comes along, the HB8.5 again. She sees my energy and wants some of my coins (Conquer Your Campus Reference) I Take her hand and think... NO... YOU ALPHA. I grab her and start grinding, shes into it, i do the hand KINO the works.

My guys are like and im like .Then Something LOL and expected happens, this girl HB8.5, (probably the girlfriend she was talking about, and most likely the reason she couldnt dance with me long) AMOG's ME...ME!! "says who is this" (Im like Aww damn, sh1t just got real) and grinds on her lik a freekin PRO, I reach for the other girls hand trying to introduce myself and shes somehow out of my reach (powerful bitch sheild) She goes back to her freinds and my guys are still like we keep dancing, im feeling GOOOOD. but no closes yet. haha.

I Go out to get some water, talk with some freinds, people say nice six pack (social proof) (I'm actually hold flexing it the whole time) sshhh. So I go up to this HB5 I talked to from last year. I say wheres my hug at (get it). She later says she dosnt remeber me freind kinda chuckles ( his value is unknown, he was wearing a full costume hidden face). Im like ahahaha. (DLV?) im Guy Code.

I say there is something on the back of your shorts, she looks, (she has like no a$$ at all, major turn off for me) and i say never mind, she playfully taps me. I dont realy think i like her anymore lol, shes like the def of white trash, I love the idea of white trash girls, but if you have no A$$ you have no chance with me. Used the line "At first I thought you was cool, but now...." she then tried to qualify herself, I peeked at her friend OMFG DAT A$$ she had the biggest one in the school(i think), but she wasn't fat, why didn't I game her IDFK.

It would have been easy "don't I know you?" but oh well. I Go back in dance around talk around, sic pack still fully flexed, in the zone walking with purpose. I see HB8.5 (again) Inner Alpha Roars, I grab her hand with higher energy and bring her in the mosh pit, (her HB is with her) oh well im leading 2 HB's SP. So I grab her hand and were fist pumpin it up, grind a little. She and her girl are realy short so it dosnt last, and the mosh pit is hot af lol. There on there way. Bye. I begin to think. Your a PUA you have a Hunger. and one girl wont satisfy your thirst. I go warm approach hunting. I Meet the HB5, lets go, my high energy dominant frame trumps her, I say "can you dance"? She says Duh, I mini cold read "Idk i can see it in your eyes" (cold reads arnt really supposed to make sense) and i lead her to the mosh pit. Grab those hims, enjoy the ride. we grind for a while, she ejects, i continue what I do best, Doing Me baby. I enter the mosh pit. Its like a recharge, gets me Pumped. (shirt still over neck), DHV is still chilling on the roof. Dance with my bros. Go out get some water, come back. Walk through/past every group of girls on accident. (Flaunting my DHV) and I got Past the two black girls 8.5 and 5 .

They actually follow me into the mosh pit.Put on Shades (DHV grows wings) I Grow some baseballs anddd. Grab the HB5 start grinding on her, there both like oooooohhhhhhhh!!!!! I then make my way to the HB8.5 black who is my actual target. Omg so sexy. I grind, take her hand, all that good stuff, then i forget to allways release first, and she does. D'OH! Okay im still in this, I switch back to the HB5 and do a little neck kiss. Wtf why did i do that? lol. she reacts very positively, (im trying to make the other one jealous, did it work? damn shades) so then i release first on her and keep dancing hard high energy (In mosh pit this whole set, its been full just kino) so there dancing together, and im like wtvr imma do me! they leave the mosh pit ive got 3 mins left till i gotta go and Im thinking WTF GUY CODE POUNCE

I slowly make my way out the mosh pit. I then make the Ballsiest move of the night. I walk DIRECTLY in their direction and....... leave out the door. One of them then screams AYYYYYY!!!!! IOI Can you say Baseballs? My confidence is through the roof baby. I go up to them, they shrivle up like "he's comming!"

and I just plain out say, Let me get yall numbers im bout to go. They start talking really quickly and before i even reach for my phone "haha u crazy (###)#######" spewing out numbers at the same time. (they were buying temp) i could have kiss gamed but didnt d'oh. I ran some mini game, take aways, take her phone and leave, her grab my hand etc, goofed and gave her the wrong numb (last 4 digits get me) but i got there #'s number closed.(my mom kept calling durring and I hit delcine, I know BAD) I only wanted the HB8.5 but i didnt want to be a jerk. I ran slightly more game on the HB5 wtf??? Then i said ok i gotta go. Went out one door came in another, Got some guys together and took some final picks. (grabbed a random girl too) and there, my night was perfect. Grinded with 4 diff HB's Got 2 Hb's Numbers and some social proof. Yeah Boii. But my friend still didnt post the PICTURES or send them to me, so yeah I'm kinda pissed. (note to self, don't invite him to group again)