Last night I went coaching a guy, he is one of the most anxious students I have ever met. Nonetheless, I had to make sure that he at least approach a couple of girls.

He had already paid for my services, so mentioned that he wanted to see how interacted with girls in bars. Thus, I took him to a bar and started to talk to a girl that was close to me.

He was nervous in the bar, I told him to just relax and join the conversation. He eventually, relax enough for me to take him to a supermarket and practice some more.

He felt very uncomfortable, but I started to talk to girls there. You will be surprise how approachable girls are when they are shopping. I just opened them by asking if they knew the difference between whole grain and whole wheat.

Then we approach some girls in the street and Number Close a cute book editor, he was realizing that just by opening his mouth, girls will be more than willing to talk to him. As we were walking, he challenge me to go into a french restaurant and open a two set of girl.

I said ok, we went into the restaurant and the hostess welcome us. Initiated the conversation with the two girls, by asking them what dish they would recommend.

I was going back and forth between the two girls and the hostess. Then I introduce my student to the girls and to the hostess. At the end I number close the hostess that was giving me ioi's left and right...she was eager to talk to me and to my student.

I am sure it was because of the cowboy hat...we left because her boss came by, and I didn't want to get her in trouble!