So, I've been on BLENDR a few months now. A few months ago this cougar started to chat me up, I didn't think much of her. She persisted on and off since and I never put much effort in. Shes 42 and didn't really show much other than her knees. She sent me one picture of herself... And I'll be honest...meh.

I was drinking last weekend at one of my favorite places. A Cuban restaurant where I'm friends with the staff and usually hang out/ half ass sarge (don't shit where you eat). I took a minute to check out blendr and I noticed she had changed her I picture and she was looking pretty good, pretty good for someone in their 20/30s...she's 42 so she looks damn good! A solid 8.5-9. Now I was a few deep at the bar and my "opener" now that i was interested was "no way that's you at 42! How old we're you when you took that?" and from there it was on. I started to escalate the conversation rapidly. She started to text me pictures of herself...Sooo hot...not that she knew that's what I was thinking, eventually started telling me all her fetishes, things she wants to try, things she wants to do to me...and how mad she is at me for ignoring her!

This progresses all week and I offer to have her come out my way for a beer. There's an 80s cover band every Thursday at this particular bar and she agrees to come. She beats me to the bar and has a few guys surrounding her with horrible form PU form lol. I merely walked up next to her, ordered a drink and she's looking at me unsure if I'm who she is supposed to meet (I got a haircut for a military engagement a few days prior) and as these guys are talking to her I say "if you don't at least say hi, I don't know how you expect to get me into bed". She is over joyed and the next thing I know, the guys that were surrounding her have scattered.

We start talking. It's starts off harmlessly enough, but I rapidly escalate. I used a move I saw on YouTube from gambler. You go in looking like you're going for the kiss but then you move right past to say something into the ear. You could see the disappointment in her face. She then iniated the kiss and started to get real touchy feely.

Side note: I'm new to the game, only been practicing for a month or 2. I'm a good looking guy but have never been out going with women. I have never been the one that people are looking at like "how did he just do that" which I could see happening all over the bar last night.

She starts straddling my leg, grinding my thigh as I sat at the bar, feeling me up and I reach under her skirt and start to finger her...until I order another drink. Every time I would escalate I would spontaneously take it back "it's not a big deal to me"...right?. I offer her another drink and she says no.

"so why are we still at this bar?" i asked.

She looks at me and shrugs with a mischievous smirk. I take her hand and she says "where are we going?" to which i look at her, smile back , pull her in close, and say " my place...duh". She has the biggest smile ever.

There were hours to recap once we got to my place and as you can see, my short stories are not short so I'll cover the key points.

1) she's ready to just go at it. I tossed her some massage oils laid on the bed and told her I was sore. She was more than happy to give me a massage.
2) my turn to massage...lasted maybe 2 minutes before i spread her legs and it's on.

3 hours of sleep! It was a marathon, nearly 10 hours!

Mystery may call it a fools mate, (recently divorced), but it was epic for myself. 2 nights this week have been similar (never happend for me before) but even the 20 year olds would have been given a run for their money by this woman.

Til next time... Cheers!