Alright guys,
here’s a recent field report of me converting my ex-girlfriend into a fuckbuddy, in essence we went out for red wine so now we quit the “let’s just be friends” thing and we’re sleeping with each other again without any commitment. Enjoy!

Met up with my girl one evening. Swedish parents, born in Finland, blue eyes, blonde hair, short but has a really nice body (a big chest and a slim stomach turn me on like crazy). Anyways, we went for drinks at this Latin-American bar first. I experimented with more non-reactive body language and loads of eye contact. I touched her in a friendly way first because I didn’t want to arouse her too early, the main point was to get into a sexual frame, the sex that particular time was really secondary.
What you need to know about our relationship is that last year I got really emotionally involved so she was one of the few people I could speak honestly with. However, when we met, instead of gushing all my problems I mainly listened to her and I forced her to tell about her own dating life.

Apparently, she was really disappointed with guys who weren’t men enough to keep up with her and she was tired of the nice guys trying to hit on her. She had had a few one-night stands but nobody serious.
“It’s truly a shame you can’t find anyone’s who your match, someone man enough to grab you… like this” we were standing at the bar and I pushed her against a wall gazing into her eyes, without breaking eye contact. She didn’t even reply with sentences or words but just stared at me. What you need to realize is to sleep with a girl you need to take charge of the interaction as a man and she will be sucked into your own reality.

“Too bad there is no way for us together” still not breaking eye contact, at that point she just broke and said “can’t we really work anything out?” I saw she was getting really aroused because I used to dominate her in bed a lot, so pressing her against the wall brought those memories up. She started giving me all these promises about what she would do to be with me again so I realized it was working like a dream.

I wanted to experiment with a Takeaway, so I pulled away from her and told her we’re going to get dessert at this Mexican restaurant nearby. We walked outside and I didn’t hold her hand, which was one of the crucial things I wanted her to get accustomed to. Anyways, got the dessert, talked about some nonsense, were about to leave. She went to the women’s room so I stood outside waiting for her. When she came out, I grabbed her hand and led her to the men’s toilet (checked there was nobody there first). I started arousing her (kissing her neck, breathing into her ear) while talking about us to her. I mixed dirty talk and relationship talk together so that everything went according to plan.

Blah blah blah… and then I quietly whispered into her ear “even if we do screw here, you should know that I can’t be exclusive with you anymore, I’m also seeing other people”. She looked at me like she was a puppy in pain for a second and told me I don’t need to be exclusive with her. The rest was biology.

And that’s how you convert an ex-girlfriend into a friend with benefits in a public toilet.