So I went out Friday with some friends and Saturday night with a wing here and I'd like to get some advice/opinions on how to improve my game. Here's a summary of both nights combined.

I opened a lot of sets during these two days and I'm starting to feel like I'm getting better at it, less anxiety and better delivery but I still freeze sometimes when the group has HB8 or better. I came up with stacks for my openers just so I stay in the set longer.

For example one of my combinations is:
Do drink I love you's count? = My friend got picked up by his GF from a work party and on the way home he told her that he loved her, do you think that counts? You know how people say "sober thoughts are drunk actions"

Listen for responce....

Jealous girl friend = But my friends gf is also a bit jealous whenever he goes clubbing with us and doesn't bring her along. What can he do to make her feel less jealous or is that something that can't be avoided?

Listen for responce....

By now if they haven't asked for my name I introduce myself to the entire set.
This is where I begin to struggle... I start asking questions like who are you with, how do you know each other (potential best friend test), etc and I get generic responses that don't really go anywhere after this.

Sometimes I am able to move the set from the bar to couches/tables to sit down but my main excuse is because "I can't hear them over the music" which honestly sounds very AFC/weak

Sometimes I am able to get a number but two things happen from here:
1) The girl replies when I txt her but it's mostly one liner responses
2) Girls don't respond at all

How do I turn numbers into dates?

Thanks guys!