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    RocketMan Guest

    Default This is how my good friend became a man.

    Meet Mike. Mike, like most average looking men who have not had sex yet, was very inscecure. He hated being around girls becuase he thought they would make fun of him for being a virgin. He thought they would somehow find out about his virginity. I told him he was being completely irrational and I was right. And he was sooo wrong. I'll tell you why a little later.

    Mike would always lie to people; especially to women, though he was never ever around them. Not even one of his friends knew that he was a virgin; not even his bothers and sisters. He was too afriad of what they would think; terrified of what they would say or do? Would they laugh at him? Would they tell others? Would they be disappointed and ashamed of him?

    He especially thought this about his little brothers. They looked up to him and if they ever found out, he thought, they would look up to him no longer.

    Mike never tried to approach and meet women before the age of 27. He never took the initiative. He was too afriad of failing. Would he be good at it? What if he was to fail? These thoughts haunted him. It was like the China wall was in front of him; blocking him from even thinking of approaching and meeting women on his own; preventing him from realizing his dreams of having with a hot girl.

    I met Mike oustide of a Starbucks not too long ago. When I met Mike, on that fateful day, he was your typical AFC; insecure, needy, and waaay tooo nice.

    He witnessed me approach and kiss-close an very attractive woman. If I had to rate her, I would rate her a 9.5. She's was tall, brunntte, and had an ass to die die for!

    "Wow, how did you do that?",

    He eye-balled everthing. He saw when and how I approached her. He heard and even took notes of what I said, he later told me. And his jaws dropped to the ground to the site of this short, skinny, ugly duckling kissing a woman who looked like she belonged on the front cover of a woman's cosmetic magz.

    Me: "Excuse, but I couldn't help but notice something about you?"

    Did you notice how I "baited" her; how I asked a question so she could ask me one in return. This is how I get women to chase me early on.

    Her: "what?"

    Me: "You have a good vibe about you. I bet you're an Aries, aren't you?"

    Now, we have something to talk about. Though she corrects me, she gave me material for my next thread. She wasn't an Aries, but she told me what sign she was. I then told her her horoscope!

    And quess what, her eyes and hears NEVER left me; never left my site, not even when the clerk had called her when her coffee was ready!


    Women are the most narcissistic creatures you will ever meet. Remember this. They LOVE themselve; especially Sexy, Beautiful women. They can't get enough of themselves. So, if you talk about their favorite subject - themselves - but if you do it in a non-tryhard manner; in a non-tryhard way, then she'll listen to EVERY word you have to say.

    After seeing me kiss-close this sizzling hot woman, Mike comes up to me with a HUGE smile of admiration on his face. Wihtout waiting one second, he asks, "I dont know how you did that, but can you please show me it?"

    For the next several days I worked on Mike's InnerGame. This is, after all, the first area I targeted in becoming a TopSeducer. And it is, the MOST important becuase it DRIVES all of your actions, which are influenced by your attitude, which ofcourse, is POWERED by your beliefs, and one's beliefs are at the core of their InnerGame.

    After I helped shape his beliefs; after I helped him rid himself from these awful and irrational fears he was having; fears of others laughing at him becuase of his virginity. After we got rid of these thoughts, everthing else just seemed to fall into place ....

    >>>Girls, attractive girls, were beginning to notice him. The positive, confident attitude and energy he was releasing into the air was being unconsciously picked up by women everywhere ... I kid you not. Women unknowingly pick up on these vibes. This is why your energy/the emotion you radiate; exude; release, is extremely important in the game of seduction.

    >>> He was approaching women confidently and with no fear. It was an amazing site to see! Mike, the nicest guy you could ever meet, was making things happen! He was meeting Sexy, Beautiful women, and he even kiss-closed an attractive asian girl on his third day with me!!!

    I couldn't help but feel excited about the situation and proud of the guy. A couple a weeks later, Mike calls me:

    Mike: "John, I can't thank you enough! Finally, last night, I slept with a hot latina girl. It was incredible!"

    WOW. It has been such a long time since I lost my virginity that O forgot how much of a big deal it is. Mike was definitely excited! Gotta love the guy!

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    Her Fantasy Guest


    Thanks for doing that RM. It makes me regret not doing a similar thing last wkend. I went to a party and was opening most of the hot women - i had a couple of clingons i couldn't shake for a while - when i went outside to smoke a bowl and was approached by 2 guys in their mid 20's. One of them was saying how this group of 4 oriental girls were stuck up bitches.LOL. That was his opener to me...They had remained a closed group most of the night i noticed a few ioi's directed my way, but what i didn't do was take the time out to give these guys a lesson in approaching and opening a set.

    It makes me sad the guys don't have the courage to approach - I know all about and am only just beginning to battle my fears of approach -

    Next time i hope to have a similar story to tell...

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