OK Its time to post a new field report from this weekend, some success stories, some small failures.

Just to be fair, it’s long, like all my field reports.


Friday night went out with a few guys in the Minneapolis PUA group. I think 6 of us all together, mixed group of people, I gamed mostly with a guy we will call Smooth (he doesn’t have a PUA name yet, but he’s very much style-like), and another guy I’ll call Direct. Both really good PUA’s.

Smooth is 100% Style, he practices a lot, one of the most dedicated members of the community here and great to game with. Loves opinion openers, follows the rules, opens several sets quick to get them out of the way then develops more. Goes out 3+ times each week and makes consistent solid approaches, great with mixed sets, etc.

Direct uses more of a mix of RSD. He will approach and just kinda inject himself into a set, but he does mix with some MM and other uses. This was my first night sarging with him.

So, night opens at a bar, make a few basic approaches, nothing special.

I’ve noted before – my style is a mix of MM and Juggler, I’ve also recently read La Ruina and found it very valuable. I use a lot of peacock, but I’m not very good approaching mixed sets. I don’t like opinion openers so much, more like Juggler I will open with – Hey what’s happening or “What are we celebrating” when I find proximity to open. I also use a lot of warm openers. My peacock gets tons of comments, so 90% of who I open has noticed me and made eye contact, so I follow 3 second rule and approach. Otherwise they open me directly with comments on one piece of flair or another.

Suave and Direct use less peacock, both well dressed guys however with a very suave style.

So Friday night still, just a few approaches to note: Direct noted a 2 set sitting outside, he was going to approach and I was going to follow if he sat down. I chilled for a moment, saw him sitting and went up to talk. First problem, there was a low umbrella over the table you basically had to step under, so neither of us could step away. I walked up, talked to them, as Direct continued with his jealous girlfriend opener. The girls asked a few more questions, then said “I feel like you just made that up as an excuse to come talk to us” lol, my immediate response “Would that even matter?”, the girls said no but, blab la bla, basically we still got blown out. Direct later noted he sat down prematurely.

Checked out a few other sets, nothing hooked. As we were standing outside a 5 set of cougers came and sat down next to us, at wicker benches about 3 feet away. We were all chatting about our approaches, I just went over and opened with my old favorite for big girl sets – “So what are we celebrating tonight?”
Note – I love this opener in its simplicity, plus girls always think, even if they aren’t celebrating something. It’s an open ended question and they always manage to say something, even if it’s just “Oh – life”, you still get a chance to cheers them on it and move the conversation along.

These ladies said they were celebrating different things and asked who ‘s story I wanted to hear first, they offered like 4 suggestions. Perfect, allows me to control the frame and pick up on all sorts of things to talk about. One girl discussed some divorce, but she didn’t actually seem that excited about it. Another discussed some lesbian hope, but she was joking about her friend being cute. Direct joined me a moment later and helped the banter. A moment later I found my target and maneuvered to sit on the arm of the bench (not optimal but there was no more room so at least I was seated), then Direct ejected 5 minuts later, which I told him he should have stayed, but none the less it was fine. I got some ioi’s from one cute couger, maybe a 7.5. Got her number, and her friend was encouraging me, started interviewing me if I was single, what I did, etc. I turned it back, like “guess”, and “whats with the interrogation” (playfully). Then she explained her friend was single, etc. Couger told me her phone was dead, but also gave me her card with her cell phone on it and told me to text her. Discussed other bars in the area, then ejected from the set, it was starting to slow down and my fellow PUA’s were no where to be seen and I needed to get back.

Walked around and the guys opened a few other sets. We checked out another bar in the area but it was dead, then headed to a college bar a few miles away. I went up for a drink and opened a very cute blonde, about an 8. I don’t recall the opener, I think I asked her what beer I should get (I haven’t been to this bar in years), but she was quite receptive. Talked to her, hooked the conversation, asked her to step outside (the place was packed, and I smoke this electronic cigarette I usually take outside). Opened my arm and had her hold it to lead outside (again, packed = fighting crowd, good kino opportunity). Got her number outside, hung out for a while, found out she lives like 4 blocks from me. Escalated kino, had my arm around her, etc. She was quite receptive. Lost her toward the end of the night as I was trying to find my friends, but it was close to bar close and I know she was staying with a friend nearby so getting her back would be a big hurdle (usually not my primary objective for an evening anyway, I like dates as opposed to single night lays).

Next day I sent them both a quick message, like Hey fun to meet ya. Unfortunately didn’t get anything back from either of them. I think I’m gonna invite the cute college girl to a comedy show Thursday night in the area, see if I hear back. To be honest tho I really got to improve my short term follow up because I’ve been having a lot of next day flakes on numbers.

So Friday – 2 numbers, 2 flakes, but they may bear fruit yet.


OK Saturday night there was a meetup group that organized a pirate pub crawl. 40 people attended. I contacted one wing I’ve gamed with a few times before and planned to go with him, we’ll call him Calm. Also found out Smooth was going to go and meet a girl he met the last week. So I donned my basic pirate outfit and hopped the bus out there

To be fair – unlike one of the prime rules of pickup, I do enjoy drinking. I enjoy pickup and want to always learn more, but I am not as dedicated to it as some people like Smooth. And we have a lot of bar areas in Minneapolis, so I’ll bus out and cab back at the end of the night if it’s not super far.

So, got to the bars. I hadn’t met any of these people before. Started talking to people, met with direct, really easy to open a ton of different people. We went out not with the intent to run real solid technology, but more casually game and meet some new people.

So, opening different girls off the bat, tons of sets, rarely not in a set. Good for me too because I like to open with hello, or timely comments (a la Juggler’s style) We as a group also created a lot of curiosity, being 40 unexpected people dressed as pirates, a ton of fun. Anyway I’ll just highlight a few things

At one point talking to a girl in the group but without an outfit. I teased her – ok you can borrow my eyepatch if you promise you’re not a thief, you gotta give it back. She agreed, flirted, and moved on (I didn’t end up getting it back, but I got another one that worked better anyway).

Flirted with several people, had a lot of potential options.

Note – Calm and I work well together. He’s got a pretty similar style, no set type, but he’s a pretty low key opener. He had mentioned he had his eye on this girl, we’ll call her Jill with glasses early on, although later said he wasn’t really getting anywhere.

At one point I was talking with one girl, a 7, I don’t know how golf came up but we were discussing activities. I told her we should hit this really easy par 3 course after work either W/Th, and she thought about it and we set a date for Thursday. Number exchanged (I have yet to confirm, but will send her a message tomorrow. I do enjoy golf for golf’s sake anyway).

Calm then found me and mentioned some great opportunities outside on the patio, so I followed, flirted with a bachelorette party and some girls playing darts. Had some fun but nothing really hooked.

Later, I was outside talking with several girls while Calm was off in another set with some common friends. I said hello to Jill who was out there (note – Calm’s previous target). We began talking – she’s actually an impressive girl. 7.5 body, 29, PHD, works as a professor part time currently, also just moved to Minneapolis (I moved back about 4 weeks ago, grew up here but lived in Florida for the last 3 years). She asked where I lived and I mentioned I bussed out and planned to cab back (no big deal for me), and she offered to give me a ride home later. First – I was like… really? I’m like um, that’s super nice but unnecessary, but she insisted (I’d only been talking to her like 5 minuts). So I was like well yea that’s cool (also huge immediate IOI). I followed up with Jake later and was like um… don’t mean to take your target but... ya know, but he was cool with it said he wasn’t really getting anywhere.

So the rest of the night I was flirting with Jill. At some point I found out she was working the next morning near where I lived so I suggested we grab lunch after and she agreed. Went to another german bar where they have a Boot, about 2 litres of bar. At this point there was some confusion and our group got partly split, so there were only about 8 pirates at this bar. Went with Direct and worked a few random sets. Then was at the bar with Jill and talked about the boot, I offered to get one and split it with her which she agreed (Note – this was an opportunity to ensure many kino opportunities, etc, worked out perfect too). Slowly kept escalating kino but not too directly. Had my arm around her, but another girl in the group this 6.5 that was still with us was flirting with me, so I had pictures together with all 3, etc. Good proof.

Also was escalating and dancing with Jill, got our faces very close to each other to build some sexual tension, but did not kiss her there.

Fast forward, so walking to the car with Jill, just the 2 of us, the car was about 8 blocks away because we moved through several bars. Kino escalated along till we were straight hand holding, with some squeezing and getting IOI’s returned. At one point I took a step ahead of her, turned around and blocked her path and started making out, she was very receptive.

So here we are she’s driving me home, we’re talking talking, etc. And I’m thinking (Ok, so what’s my excuse to invite her up, um… Cat? Watch a 3D movie? Hop up for a beer?). As we approached my place (I live in the city) I pointed out a parking spot nearby. She just parked and stopped the car and came up, so um no reason needed lol.

The rest I’ll just leave out.

She had work to do that AM (PHD who has to work part time at a coffee shop tills he can find full time work). She came back and we had the lunch we planned on, hung out a bit, then I had to go to my nieces birthday party.

OK so Saturday was a good day. Sunday, I was in that half hungover not much sleep but comfortable numb daze, didn’t really care about anything. After the party I went to run a few errands. I must have had some radiating confidence because several girls opened me. I was flirting with this girl at best buy working, solid 9.5, and at some point I was wondering to myself, this conversation is so borring she’s still interested? But she was finding excuses to keep it going. I ejected after 5-10 minuts of friendly banter, she could have been 17, even if she was 19 I have a strict 21 plus policy, and I had other things to do.,

I just add that note because several girls were staring and opening me and I was definitely not trying anything, I was kinda in a comfortable I-don’t-give-a-shit state all day.

There you have it, 2 or 2.5 field reports.

Mixed success and failures. Not that the failures discourage me, I just recognize I got to calibrate some things better, like my text follow ups to get more solid responses.

Oh and I have another date with Jill tomorrow, but I did give her the MLTR discussion, basically like “Hey you’re incredibly cool and I want to see you again, but I am in date mode and kinda dating other people and not sure what I want right now, but just want to be upfront, cool?” Something like that, but again she was very receptive and appreciated the honesty, they all do, and they all want to date still. Easy

And that golf date Thursday evening to follow up on, and hopefully I can recover a comedy date for Thursday night with college girl.

Hope you enjoyed my novel!