I have decided to write up some field reports to really review and analyze my game, I have a bit of a natural care free personality and have been off and on with game for a while now. Pick up literally changed my life, but this is a story for another post.

Went out with my brother in law and his buddy, buddy was very AFC and talking about his GF(that he met a week ago and hasn't kissed). They start lightly amoging me to talk to girls. I said "which ones should I dance with." he pointed and I moved.

When you have really changed its very fun to shatter peoples expectations of you. Later that night my Brother in Law told his buddy something like "he can pull this sh1t, look like this, and he is smart as hell." My brother in law is naturally alpha, that kind of approval isn't granted often.

Now onto the sarging, not quite as awesome as my brother in law thinks, I def made mistakes. walked strait to the hottest chick there (hb8) with no social proof and asked why her group was wearing bowling shirts. (beer pong tournament custom tee shirts) she ignored and turned away. I looked to my group, pointed and winked and moved over and started dancing with two 6 or 7's using one of my fav dance openers. got a look out of the 8 while I was dancing then returned to my group.

Bull sh1t with the In-Law for a min and he started AMOGGING again so I just walked away without responding and started talking to another chick. (HB7 but in pig tails and a hat, small town chick sister? of hb8).
Me:Your too tall for me but very cute.
HB:haha what a waste
ME: (something like)to bad cause I was sort of digging the samll town girl thing.
HB:whats your name?

exchange of names with hand shake she held my hand with the shake so I commented.

ME: (pulling hand away) I can tell your attracted to me because you wouldn't let go of my hand.
HB:Too bad about the height thing

I put my hand out open palmed and stood up for her to dance. Great chance for her to notice my build and height, she is just under eye level. she looks my right in the eyes and says

HB:You planned that!
ME:I guess we'll work out after all (SOI, tell me what you think of this because I'll say the too tall but pretty/cute line to girls close to my hieght (6') and they will show me their heels, this has been my response.

I spun her around a couple times building proof and compliance. she danced like a small town girl too.

The Guys I was with came by to say the were bouncing to another bar. when I was talking to them the sis must have hit the cock block hard. I went back to her and another guy was talking to her but she ignored him when I walked up. I talked to her for a few and played the 5 questions game with me as a bar bet. I won she owed me a drink, She said she would buy me a drink but she didn't promise it right now. I wanted to bounce back to the other bar so I went for the number. she said she couldnt because her sister didn't like me. I looked over at her and got a scowl. I would try to win her over.

ME:how do you know HB7?
HB8:I don't like you
ME:you must be the protector of the group (this would make me the preditor, I think this was a sh1t line and a bad frame)
HB8:I'm her sister
ME:typical older sister. (dont think they were actually sisters.
HB8:you have to much gel in your hair
ME:I was just thinking the same about yours (mystery's waffle line would have been perfect here.

I dont remember the rest of the convo with her, wish I could I got her talking to me a bit she did IOI about where I was from and a few things.

I should have grabbed a chair but instead I squatted. Right about then the booze I had already downed started to hit me a bit, and I fell over twice in my squated position (this is not a good position to be in after drinking, my balence was still perfect for standing).

It killed the value I had just built and she started to IOD again and I was farked, which sucks because I could have switched targets, and was almost successful. I went back to the other girl and tried to close before I left, but she looked to her sister/friend and didn't get a nod. I don't like to fail but I wouldn't have called anyway, just practicing.

Remember in the game strause meets this ugly mother and he says make them keep their word. I should have referred back to the five questioned game and that she owed me a drink. It wouldn't be very sportsman like to deny my drink. She liked me and getting her number may have been easy if I engaged other members of the group. Do you guys do that even if the group doesn't engage you or the chick?

When I was trying to win the sister/friend over should I have invited the other one over to merge the two and gamed them as a two set instead?

SIDE NOTE: when I was squatting next to the HB8 getting the IOI's and Building rapport a guy came up, maybe trying to be the rescuer. luckely I had the interest at that point and she didn't look up to him. He was in a Schoolgirl Costume and he stood over us. I usually give these types a high 5 or hand shake and they turn away. This time however I looked up at him, reached up, and poked him in the exposed belly button while talking to the girl! he looked down and laughed with a weird expression and walked away. HB8 "do you know him?" "Nope never seen him before"

she started to IOD at this point too. My thought is that She was being impressed by me, but when I did that she decided I was an asshole and too cocky. what do you think?