Tonight I went out with an old friend from my home town. Didn't sarge at all really, just hung out with her and friends. It was a target poor venue (don't get me wrong, there were two sets totaling 4 HB's in there) but instead I just scoped it out.

Here's what I saw:

If it's target poor...

Work the Room
Approach a few strategically placed sets (the ones in the corners, in the middle and near the bar) - open them, hook them, dhv, roll off. They will be social proof for you later.

Seat yourself Smart
Don't pick a table near the bar for you and your group. Find the table FARTHEST from the bar (opposite corner if you can - just don't be a lurker). This gives you deniability to open sets that are between your table and the bar or bathroom. I recommend what I call the "air strike" (Negging as you walk by) or a "touch and go" (slowing your walk, bodyrock in, comment, respond to reply, bodyrock out, keep walking).
-Tonight we were seated next to the bar, and the only sets were in the corner.

Be the Social Butterfly
This is straight out of MM. If you have a set open in each corner, then you can open any set in-between, when you move from one apparent group of friends to another. Also if you have a set open near the bar and in the middle of the room, then you will DHV by being fun and high-energy in a visually prominant location - center of attention. This will make you "the social guy" who knows everybody, and the "out crowd" will be eagerly awaiting your approach.

Hook your set
This goes without saying, but have a solid opener and prepare to hook their interest. Tonight I was out with a good ammount of peacocking (it works in the deep south as if it were still the early 90's) and yet I could not think of a decent night game opener or a interesting routine to transition to.

I guess I've just been day-gaming exclusively for a while - it was a good night tho, had fun and noticed a few things.