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    Default Advice on social network pickup with girl

    OK, so I had asked this local girl over the "MeetMe" social network if she could have any super power what would it be. To which she said, that she would have the power to lift up and blow things up with her mind. After that I took the conversation to private chat.
    you go to school?

    4:54pm Sep 18Girl
    yeah lol

    4:57pm Sep 18You
    i go to gateway, taking up computer science, it's pretty straight, hbu

    4:59pm Sep 18Girl
    i go to southern and im taking recreation and leisure then im going to school for nursing

    5:06pm Sep 18You
    I'm going to transfer there after I'm finished at community. All-in-all community college then state university is the cheapest way to go. I refuse to take out a crazy amount of debt to go to school. And, Blowing stuff up seems more like an evil superpower :P.

    5:06pm Sep 18You
    how is the student life?

    5:10pm Sep 18Girl
    its alrighttt lol, and its not evil at allll hehe

    5:16pm Sep 18You
    that's some loki sh1t right there, but it's ok I still think your cool :P, did you see the avengers?

    5:21pm Sep 18Girl
    naaa i didnt lol

    5:27pm Sep 18You
    llooser!! :P, it was the best movie of the year! me and my boys went to see it. I felt like an asshole being with them, they are a bunch of doofuses that don't know how to shut up and enjoy the show.

    5:29pm Sep 18You
    what are you? english? you have pretty pale skin. :3

    5:36pm Sep 18Girl
    hahaaha and im polish :/ and a buncha other junnnk. lol

    5:38pm Sep 18You
    You're kidding me? I could have sworn you were english!! Or at least norther european.

    5:46pm Sep 18Girl
    im sure there's some english in me but nope, mostly Polish... Czechoslovakian to be exact =P and native american and french a lil irish ... haha

    5:49pm Sep 18You
    no sh1t? i'm for the most part slovak, then english, and a small bit irish

    5:49pm Sep 18You
    polak girls are good. I approve

    5:50pm Sep 18You
    in fact, my grandpa and uncle went over to czechoslovakia after the fall of the wall to see relatives that we still keep in touch with

    5:59pm Sep 18Girl
    nicee lol i dont really know much i just know thats what i am. haha and im glad u approve =P

    6:19pm Sep 18You
    you have kik?

    6:23pm Sep 18Girl
    yep ********
    KiK is an IM app for your phone. So at this point I txted her saying "I am going to refer to you as sexy polska for now on." and she replied "Lmao ok".

    I haven't really messaged her since. Right now I feel lost. I want to ask her to go on a date with me this friday. I'm not afraid to act, I'm more-so confused as to where to go from here.

    Should I continue on some of the leads we already have? Next time I instant message her, should it be about something we talked about before or should I just start out with "hey whats up sexxy polaski? "

    I think I built some rapport and did some good validation with her. I used a lot of emoticons to really convey the message I'm sending since I don't have body language and tone over the computer.

    Also can I get some input on how I did with this set?

    edit: I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong section. I thought this would be a considered a field report.

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    Default Re: Advice on social network pickup with girl

    Don't go for the "kill shot" (so to speak) of asking her out just yet.
    You spent a lot of time with "Fluff talk" so far.

    Going straight into "rapport" without flirting & building attraction, is a quick ticket to the "friend zone"

    You need to do more to engage the "FUN" emotional responses from her first. Don't ask those "Job-Interview" type questions, if you want to get her interested.
    (AKA- school, work, life in general, etc...)

    Throw random, silly, goofy stuff her way. Bring up things no other guy would think about asking her.

    You started off fine with the "Super Powers" question.... but took a nose-dive immediately after that. Keep the playful vibe in the back of your mind at all times.

    (Think like a little kid in the beginning)
    Playful = "playing".
    Playing is fun.
    FUN, is the ultimate attraction trigger.

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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