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    Default My first field report - Rejected

    Its my first post in this forum, so as you imagine I've been rejected and need your help.

    Last night I went with my friends to a pool party.
    I read the mystery method and decided to try it, but when I actually was at the party, I noticed I just cant approach girls and talk to them !

    Well, i've known this situation. I've been there before, but I just could'nt say a thing.

    But then....
    I saw another friend of mine, and one minute later I left my other friends that I came with to the party, and went with the other one, and suddenly I felt A GREAT CONFIDENCE.

    Then I started to approach every girl at the party, and felt awesome about it.

    Here is one of the stories:
    We danced next to too girls: HB-8, and HB-9.
    Out of nowhere my friend started to dance with the HB-8, and signaled I should go dance with the HB-9.
    While she danced next to me, I told her "I dont like your dance moves" - I made up that opener exactly 2 seconds before I said it.
    And continoud: "You should do it like me!" (And danced with her).
    She smiled, everything went great.
    after awhile she said: "now try like me!" (I did).
    It seems to me like she wasn't interested, but we were kinda stuck together because my friend was talking with the HB-8 (her friend) next to us, so... I saw I started to lose it, so as a final step I tried a higher value routine:
    "Let me see your hand", I hold her hand (Kino), and said: "you know there is a meaning to on which finger you put the ring on ?"
    she said "really?" but didnt seem too interested.
    I continoud, she had a ring on her middle finger, I told her it means she "search someone serious, or she already have one in her life"
    she nodded, I said: "yeah, which of them ?" she said: "already got one".
    At this point she thought I would go away, but I decided not to quit only because she is already taken. (probably she is not).
    I continoud with the routine, but it got me nowhere.
    A minute later, my friend got her friend's phone number, and I got nothing.

    I didnt care !
    I talked to every girl at that party.

    But then... my friend and new wingman went to his other friends, and I went back to mine.
    Firstly, I kept on talking to some girls, but after 5 minutes with them - I LOST MY CONFIDENCE AGAIN !!
    I didnt talk to any girl at the following 2 hours.

    I discovered I have confidence only if I'm with a better player than I am.

    Anyway, I decided to join this forum to get better and understand my mistakes.
    what do you think about it ?

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    Default Re: My first field report - Rejected

    hmm i think you did good, you held the HB9 away from c0ckblocking HB8 while your friend was trying to pick her up.. so nice wingmenning (does this word even exist? :P) there..
    also talking to every girl, means very high social proof

    what i think is your problem about the confidence or approach, is that you only approach when you are with someone better, but for the simple reason, since he is better, you will try your best to show him you can do what he is doing aswell..
    when you get back to your friends, they maybe worse than you are, so you don't have to prove to them you are 'worthy' sort of

    btw .. welcome to the forums
    The Worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I'd Hate that!

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    Default Re: My first field report - Rejected

    Thats a good first sarge.

    Many times girls won't be that interested in the routines, in this case i would suggest that once you did that routine and she was all "meh" you should excuse yourself and go game another set, you're not exactly giving up, you're just showing that girl and others you're willing to walk away, maybe come back 30 minutes later.

    If you were staying put because you were winging the other guy then i would've playfully negged and gone on to the next routine. Practice the ghost, its ok if she's not immediately responding, you don't really care.

    I liked the other, keep at it and keep posting.

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