First off, I don't think I've really ever introduced myself! I've never been the type of guy that has had huge issues with getting women. I've dated quite a few girls, and have been in a relationship as long as 4 yrs. My issue is... most of these girls have either approached me (I'm told I'm a good looking guy), been introduced through a friend, or just kind of "happened". I started getting interested in PUA after my last break up, to start taking things into my own hands with women. I want to be able to be the chooser, rather than just let it "happen" anymore. I have studied alot of material, feel like I'm fairly knowledgeable, and have put some into practice with success... however... my mind is the mountain before me and I am still working on my aa!! and transitioning.

On to a brief summary of last night. Started off with two of my new friends in town to go out sarging. First bar, I spot a two set, and my friend instantly goes over to open them... invites them to play a game of bags (in WI we call it bags, other areas of the country its cornhole. But I think cornhole sounds stupid so its BAGS lol). They agree, come over and join us. I introduce myself to my target (brunette) but then really didn't say a whole lot... Played the game with them, the seemed interested at first, but then after the game it was apparent that we didn't exactly build the most attraction. Gave some hi 5's and they left. Oh well, first set of the night. But I wonder how we could have got them more engaged?

On to the next bar. Walk in, bump into a girl and I threw out a "watch it miss.." with slick smile. She smiled back, but I didn't really stop her to engage so we just kept walking our separate ways (dohh!). I saw a girl that looked familiar in a booth with like a 6 set of girls. I went over, leaned in on the table to talk to the girl I recognized. Girl didn't recognize me at first but with a little memory jogging finally did. I introduced myself to the other girls, they bought me a shot. Problem here is that these girls are cool... but most of them were not that attractive (heavy set). A redhead girl was all over me but I just wasn't having it. I started to work on a hot one in the group, she was really flirty and I started Kino Escalation real naturally. Her friend then states "she has a fiance" to which she jokingly denied, but I left it at that.

So I wound up trailing around the bar with these girls, my other wing was off in the corner making out with a FAT chick, and my other guy was isolating at a table picking up a decent chicks number! I had some other opportunities to open on random girls but my AA started to get the best of me and I kind of called it a night on the random approaches (sucky feeling, not like I really even did that many).

So overall I had fun, which is what its all about, interacting with a few groups of new girls. This is a step in the right direction because half of the time most of my friends just stand around and get wasted when we go out. Sucked though that I failed to get any number, or really escalate with anyone in particular.

I have figured out what my main problem is though (besides AA). Believe it or not... I get this feeling when the girl starts to show me IOI's that I almost naturally go into defense mode (*** like a girl does when random guys hit on her all the time)!!! I feel like I freeze up sometimes when the moment comes for me to show direct interest in her..... and that's why it dosn't escalate, and just stays a friendly conversation

I know I sound like a total AFC here, which I can be at times lol. But I'm really not. I did F-close a random girl like 3 weeks ago. But been on a DRY streak since then.

Kind of a long read! Any thoughts, comments, tips appreciated!