I'm really excited to get posting on this site. I have been reading PUA material for a little over a month now and am finally starting to get some momentum going. I read a lot of Mystery and Style, watched a ton of Sasha and other miscellanious youtubes of in-field pick-ups, bought a cool magic trick (which I still haven't found the right time to use) and bought the Magnetic Messaging pdfs). After much researching, I am sure now that I am a natural. However, I do believe the routines and negging will come in handy at times, especially when I start dealing more with sets. The field report I am about to get into is about a cougar I picked up on a beach on the Long Island Sound.

I got laid off last week, so I now have free time at random hours of the day that I never had before and I thought what better way to take up that free time then to work on my day game. I tried the mall, book stores, shopping centers and frankly had no luck. I was unable to approach the 1 or 2 women that were worth it because I felt it would be too awkward. Whatever the reason was, I just wasn't in target rich areas until I went to the beach last friday. Taking Styles advice, I got myself well groomed, looking cool as hell to go to the beach and decided I would take the natural approach when I saw a target I was interested in. Well there she was, on her way out of the beach and I was approaching her straight on (which according to Mystery's VH1 show is a big no-no, but what could I do? She was my target). Her name was Maria, an HB7 cougar with some butt and fusilli hair (I'm Italian and I dig that lol). I saw her in the distance and decided to slow down my walk and realize that inevitably we were going to be passing each other and I had to look as cool as can be. As I walked slowwly (not creepily slow lol), I simply said "hey" and took a few more steps while turning back my head slightly in order to get her attention and make her stop. She replied hey back and we got into a natural conversation. She said she was about to leave, but really had nowhere to go, so I suggested we hang out on her towel for a while and she agreed. We had great conversation talking about our lives, she was recently laid off too, she was a nurse. After an hour or so she had to leave to run some errands, but let me keep her blanket to give her back later (now I took that blanket and sat right next to an HB8 and got a kiss close and number once Maria left, but that's still a work in progress).
We met back later at the beach and it was like Mystery said, those bounces/ time's apart, builds comfort/ trust/ rapport/ w/e. There was a lot of Kino Escalation going on and eventually we ended up making out on the way out of the beach. When we got back to the car we made out again in her back seat and I excused myself as I felt things may be escalating to quickly. Basically, I didn't think she was going to put out in the back seat of her car, so to save face so I could close next time I decided to just leave with a nice little Friday afternoon make-out sesh. I went out that night and I got a text from her early the next morning to meet at the beach again. We met for an hour, but I was busy so I had to leave before anything really happened. It was good comfort-building. She told me she didn't like how I left from the car after we were making out and we should just be friends. I played it cool, like "alright I thought we were just friends anyway". We didn't text Sunday and the Jets pulled out a big win, which was nice.
Then Monday morning I get another text saying let's hang out at the beach again. I knew I had put in enough work and it was on. I texted her back saying I had to meet a headhunter in two hours and to just stop by my house (in reality, my mom was out of the house for a few hours... Such tough times these days, I lived in the city for the past two years, but after losing my job I'm saving on rent and staying home so I've got to be creative). She agreed and we chilled in my back yard. I went extremely direct and told her that I was very attracted to her... she liked it, but was still playing the let's just be friends card kind of. We started making out again, but she was giving me last minute resistance, so I turned off again. Then she suggested I put some mouthwash in my mouth, a major neg, but I turned it around and said she should too, I like being clean. This got her into my house from the backyard and we cleaned up while there was some heavy kino and grabbing going on in the bathroom. I showed her my room, but she quickly felt awkward and went downstairs (As any girl should, I live in my little brothers old room now, which has Winnie the Pooh wallpaper and a Tigger nightlight, jeez). As soon as we got outside, I pulled her in in a dominating way and we started making out passionately. Showing her the room without expectation of anything is definitely a good move, because this time I took her up there easily, ripped her clothes off and had amazing cougar/ cub boom-boom. It was a beautiful thing, we even had great communication in the bedroom and it was just a lot of fun. The story-line was really cool and had it's up and downs, but I think those downs are what created a lot of tension once things turned around.
In retrospect, I learned that the natural approach is probably the only approach you can use in a one on one situation, especially during the day. Day game seems like it shouldn't be as edgy and the natural approach allows you to get into a real conversation. The beach I went to is not very busy, so it's definitely got a romantic feel to it, which makes it a great spot to pick up women and converse romantically. Like I said, the 2nd HB8 that I approached I literally just plopped my towel next to hers and said, you mind if I hang out for a minute. I'll write up a field report for that one if I have the opportunity to close her, but I'm currently having trouble because she thinks I'm too young for her. I'm 24, she can't be older than 30.