So me and my bro Charmie went down to westfield armed with some knowledge of basic game. I had never been out before and knew about the Newbie Mission. I felt that I could do a little better than just saying hi to women. I used the cologne on the wrist opener most of the time and got great feedback! Many I was able to have a few good conversations and gave one girl my number. The last approach of the day was two HB6's in a makeup store and I got their opinions and gave them hugs goodbye. Only one real rejection by some awkward girl in the halloween store. I had used no canned material and I was talking about whether i seemed like a batman or a superman lol. She said what do want and walked off on me. Over all a good day and definitely a learning experience and a confidence booster. Approaching is easy! I have trouble escalating the conversation and building attraction. Any challenges or ways I can quickly improve guys?