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    Default So let's start w/ girl #2, HB 10. FIRST WEEK OF COLLEGE SERIES

    Sup GUYS. So the first week of college has been A BLAST. I've met tons of new people, made tons of new friends and it's been totally cool. So this girl, HB10 let's call her, lives on my floor.

    So I walk into the lounge area of our floor, and i see this HB10 talking to our RA and a couple other floormates. So I proceed to sit down a little diagnal to her and open her. I don't remember exactly what I said. But that's not what's important. So we fast forward to when we're talking 1 on 1. Everyone else has gone inside or has gone out.

    I don't remember the whole conversation so i'll give you a synopsis of what happened.

    We sat in the lounge talking about our sex lives. FYI. I am still a virgin. So i had to fake it (Fake it till you get it, amirite? and all that preselection crap). And we started talking and she starts telling me that she's only had 2 orgasms her whole life and that sex doesn't really interest her. And in my head im like, whoa this is some deep shit.

    And this goes on for another 10-15 minutes, and by this time, I find out that she has a boyfriend. And she has some chem homework to finish. AND that she has a blender in her room.

    I play flirt w/ her for a bit and we have a blast making some orange milkshakes, my idea.

    So she wants to finish her chem homework so I ask if it's fine if I also go w/ her into her dorm so I can get some of my stuff done. No problem. I'm in there and we start talking.

    She starts talking about her boyfriend, and I start using the boyfriend destroyer techniques, ie saying her bf is amazing, perfect, the usual bs. I find out that her bf's been really messed up to her, but she doesn't ask me what I'd do in his place, so I don't bring it up. The conversation slowly dies.

    Then our floor starts walking in and I decide to call it a night, and I eject w/ a hug. BTW: She normally AVOIDS ALL physical contact, she doesnt even like giving brofist bumps.

    So next day, I see her again, and I arrange something to do w/ her. Something very simple to accept. I say, Hey I want to crash your sociology class, i'm interested in sociology and i want to see what this class is about. ANd this is VERY hard to say no to, because she can't stop me from being there... And this is also how i got her number.
    Me: Let's go together
    HB10: Ok
    Me: I'll give you a call tomorrow to wake you up
    HB10: Ok here, blah blahblah

    So we go to class and we banter along the way. We get to class and nothing really happens. I make playful jokes about how slow the class is going. I try to take a picture of her, cus she looks hella cute right now. Like the ideal schoolgirl, she has these dark rim glaasses, her hair up in a ponytail, and some hella red lipstick. G O R G E O U S.

    Then we end up eating lunch together and i make small talk, wanted to run the cube on her, but we were eating w/ other people so it wasnt ideal. And for most of the lunch I talked to some of our other friends and didnt really pay any attention to her.

    After lunch we had to split paths, so I try to lure her into a hug. Remember she hates physical contact.
    Me: Come here, i've got something to give you
    HB10: (Playfully) Noo, I dont want it
    Me: You'll like it
    HB10: Noooo
    Me: Ok fine, i was going to give you a hug, but forget it
    HB10: (Rides off giggling)
    *If a girl doesnt want to do something, I dont like pushing it, cus i feel it creates way too much negative Tension, and it just isnt worth it in the long run*

    And now im here typing all this up. LMK what you guys think.

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    Default Re: So let's start w/ girl #2, HB 10. FIRST WEEK OF COLLEGE SERIES

    Be careful. She may have the potential to lead you on for a year+ while staying with her boyfriend

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