Well, my friends are starting to realize the benefits of sarging...they're seeing a major difference in my "abilities" with women...even though I've got quite a ways to go. I partied with a co-worker this weekend and sarged a few sets with him and later overheard him telling some of my buddies what a pimp I was. I've never been called a pimp before. Anyway, friday I ran some game on a chick I know who's known to be cold and distanced with men. She told me early in the conversation that she was a virgin - she's 22 - and I couldn't believe it. She told me how she's really religious and whatnot; I would have tried to seal the deal, but she's a co-worker, so I just decided to run some patterns on her and see what happened. I did the palm reading routine, as well as the ring routine and had her in doggy-dinner-bowl state. It's amazing how well this shit works. Anyway, I told her she was cute and that nothing could happen between us because we work together, which had the effect of easing any wierd feelings that could have developed because we're co-workers.

Saturday, we had a couple of girls I sarged last weekend stop by my wing's place out of the blue - one of those chicks I fclosed last weekend. Anyway, we did a little drinking at my wing's place and we both fclosed the chicks. I almost pulled a switch and fclosed the friend instead of the chick I fclosed last week, but my buddy got to her first - I was getting some major IOIs and it was just first come first served; he was the first to come. Not a bad night.

Sunday I opened up two of the hottest sets at the pool party in my neighborhood, both of which had about 8 years on me, but I had them hooked anyway. I opened both sets with the jealous girlfriend opener. I ran out of material on the first set and ejected on a high note. The same happened with the second set, but as I was leaving the party I walked up and dropped off a business card to one of the HBs - she didn't call. The close is important, but right now I need a lot more practice fluffing and ejecting on a high note. I run out of material pretty quick - I just haven't been at this long enough to be able to flow as smoothly as I'd like to.

Sunday night I went to the bar, lost my friends, and opened up a 4-set of HB7s with some dude I just met that night winging. The dude ejected when I hooked and started getting some IOIs from one of the HBs. I talked to her for way too long, although it still went pretty well and I was getting IOIs the whole time. My problem was that her brother (quite a large guy named Rocky) was in the table right next to us, and seeing as how I'm just an AMOG to him, I didn't want to get too friendly with his sister in front of him. After about 45 minutes I #closed her and went home.

All-in-all it was a good weekend. I need to work on sticking to the M3 model, A1-A2-A3-C1-C2-C3-S1-S2-S3, I tend to open well and then go into some Fluff talk and throw out the sequence of the seduction. I just need to internalize this stuff more and make it a part of the way I pick-up as opposed to some rather foreign sequence of steps I follow.

Happy sarging.