Went to a party tonight, knowing there were three girls I wanted to get at. Only one was there. HB8. She was hammered and seemed pretty out of control, so I was skeptical of doing anything. She didnt even remember my name when she spoke to me for the first time

Tried to open with a comment about getting her opinion about my shoe laces (I had different laces on each shoe) but that didnt go anywhere.

Time passes a bit. She is still sort of hammered and throwing these foam balls at one of my friends. I sort of saw my chance and made the move. I told her "it looks like you enjoy playing with balls." She made some comment about how what I said could be construed as sexual harassment or something cause we are part of the same club on campus but in like a sorta joking manor.

Any way we just talked for like two hours. Made some negs out of some of the stuff she told me about her life. I think I talked way too much. Had some Kino, nothing crazy.

Walk her back to her dorm and she asks me if I'm sleeping in my dorm or hers, she sort of snuggled up to me. I kind a bugged out and number closed. Texted her a few minutes ago. bout to go to sleep

Sort of amazed about how this has turned out and now not really sure what to do when I wake up

I'm sure this is weak in comparison to other field reports but I felt obligated to get the first one up here.