Background: New to the whole PUA scene, trying to become more confident and able to approach/open with ease. Have had limited success in the past with minimal effort. Recently decided I need to make the transformation from the AFC to a respectable PUA. So here is my first report:

Started off flying for work. Always check out the potential HBs that are on my flight but usually don't open with them even if I sit next to them. A shame, I know. Today was different though, noticed a HB7 with a sorority sweatshirt on in line a ways behind me. Also I was flying southwest which has open seating and she decided to sit next to me which I figured is already an IOI. Before she sat I opened with "in order to sit here you're going to have to give me the secret sorority handshake." She smiled and giggled saying she doesn't think she knows it. I smile back and tell her "I'll let it slide just this once." Immediately she asked my name so that was another IOI. We talked for the whole 2.5 hr flight about a bunch of different topics. She was going to Chicago while I was continuing to Indy and we live 6 hours apart so I didnt even attempt to Number Close or anything. Overall I felt good about the experience and it definitely helps the confidence.

Later that night a co-worker and I went out. First bar had a few sets, noticed a 5set behind me and before I could go open one of them came to the bar and pretty much opened me. A lot of Fluff talk, my co-worker bought her a drink, foolish but hey at least it wasn't me. We were leaving invited her to join us at the next bar. She was staying with friends and I asked for her number, she dropped the bf line. I countered with the goldfish and things that don't matter. Got a chuckle out of her but that's about it. When reviewing later that night I should've delved more into their "perfect" relationship, but didn't think of it on the spot.

Next bar we were posted at the bar so sets kept coming up to us. I opened most of them with a simple hi, or I used a line I saw on here about "who would win in a fight a pirate or ninja, why? Got the convo going but would die out at some point. Eventually opened a 2set with a guy. Ended up talking to a HB7 within that set the rest of night.

Starting to understand the don't show interest in the one you want because her friend who I paid no attention to after the initial greetings was giving me huge IOIs and demonstrating kino. Unfortunately, she was not attractive and I had no interest in her. Ended up leaving and I number-closed the HB7 despite making a crucial mistake and calling her a completely different and wrong name. She was not happy about that and I dont know where the random name came from but hey, shit happens.

Sorry for the length and possible disorder but I wanted to say thanks to all the regulars who post. Also, if you can find holes or areas where I can improve my game any comments are appreciated. All in all first night out 1 number close and opened a lot more girls than I usually would.