You are now reading the diary of an aspiring young student and his road to becoming a total rockstar. Business wise and PU wise.

My ultimate goal is to become a natural and seduce women automatically. Also have a business that allows me to travel everywhere. I also want to start a club somewhere, it's always been a dream of mine. All of this will take me 5-10 years, it won't be done overnight. You can watch me on youtube in at least 10 years doing seminars (18 atm)

I have two wings and we go out every weekend, so there will be a lot of updates. I'm also planning on starting daygame real soon.
There will be lots of rejections, awkward situations, and fu*k ups. So follow this diary for a good laugh!!

My current goal is to have two fu*k buddies at once

Hope at least some people will be inspired to do the same!!