Hey yo fellas!

First of all I want to let something clear: It wasn't a 3some.

I woke up about 12o'clock and there I was in a random day with nothing to do at home. It was sunday afternoon and I had to do something. So it was on facebook chat that I found the HB1 [preety cheek (i'd say 8,5); 19 y'old; short with long straight red hair. She's a member of the same dance group as I am] and started a conversation. We set a date to 7o'clock, but it was 1o'clock of afternoon yet. That's when the HB2 [skinny and beautiful (8); 22 y'old. Average high also redhair and employee of MCDonald's. Met her at her work while my friend was ordering. KCed her one week after, after calling her to leave the restaurant for a second. But never nailed yet.] came to my mind. We had spoken a day before for a couple hours about her boyfriend and how she was unresigned for not being sorry after cheating on him. I called her right after and proposed her for we to make something out quickly. She suggested to come to my place but I didn't want my mom to be my audience so she said "motel". I told her she'd pay for that day and I'd make it up to her in my place. We had hooked up once, twice, three times in a row. It was when she started again that I reminded about HB1. I was about to be late so I had to hurry.

Mannish: "Hey babe, I have to go now. The number two is waiting for me"
HB1: "I doubt she does it better than me".
Mannish: "I'm sure she doesn't, but I have to go anyway. Come on!"

We left the room and headed into the reception. The clerk was a pretty blond girl that looked at me and said the price. I kept looking at her eyes while HB2 was taking her wallet. When she noticed what was going on I gave a little smile.

Clerk: Lady. Take this coupon as a 30% of discount for your next coming.

She took it but I am the one who kept it. After dropping her I ran to HB1's house about 30 minutes late. In front of her building I called her.

HB1: If you think I'm going there quickly, you better wait sitting.
Mannish: C'mon! I can explain. She was obsessive for my body. She almost didn't let me out.
HB1: I even finished tidying my room.
Mannish: Ok. Stop talking. You don't want to come down here, fine! Let me go up there for we to mess your room once again.
HB1: Are you out of your mind?
Mannish: Don't tell me you don't enjoy audience...
HB1: haha wait forever.

One minute later she came down beautiful as never. Her lips were wearing a red sexy lipstick but I thanked God she didn't wanna hook up, I was exhausted. At first she played the tough but after a couple minutes our lips were touching each other. We made a nice date that night and I came back home not pleased enough. Next time I know I'll have more than one HB at the same day, I'll save energy and balance it to both. But that's fine, there will be a next time .

That's it my boys! Feed this sh1t and next time I'll have something to share, no doubt I'll do it.
Hugs and kisses - GAME ON!