Met a couple non-PUA friends at Dixie Roadhouse for quarter night. Did not plan on gaming, was just there to catch up with some buddies I have not seen in a long while. You know how that goes….

We were chatting and a girl who I f’closed before comes up and opens us, call her Jen. I convince her to come up with me to the hb8.5 collecting the cover and passing out the cups to say she has a hole in hers. Creative opener for a hired gun while showing dhv by having another girl with me and being funny. Transition to talking about her unfinished sleeve and Number Close for coffee at Starbucks.

Head back to the group, banter a bit and then tell Jen to introduce us to her friends. Needed to get my friends interacting, and one of them is going through a divorce from a girl he’s been married to since high school, 12 years now. Open a girl to my right who’s standing by herself while her friends dance, banter for a minute, but bail out. At this point, Jen has hit it off with my friend KC, will make it easier to game and close without a clingy girl anchored to me.

Run into a friend of Red Baron’s, Ryan and his friend a bartender at a few places downtown. They have their two girls and a third, HB 8 that is clinging to the group. I banter with the group and get some IOI’s from her. Plan to isolate the girl later, so I head back over to my group. Talk to my friend Matt about PUA community and then use an apocalypse opener on a girl in proximity, she smiles and did not answer yes or no. Tell her I was demonstrating to my friend how to be confident, she introduced him to her friend and we dance for a while. Ask her what is the best way to contact her for a Starbucks date, number closed.

Open Amanda, hb 9 standing alone in proximity while her friend dances. Chat for a couple minutes before my friend KC blows me out, coming up from behind us. Re-open the hb 8 who is now by herself dancing, I join in. Kiss close on the dance floor and number close after a journey song.