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Thread: Peacocking is for the Hook

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    Default Peacocking is for the Hook

    P.s. Important Content at the end, feel free to skip the story of how I came to realize it applies to PU.

    I've been collecting dhv pieces lately and I made a decent peacocking ensemble - unusual button down with sleeves rolled up, leather bracelets from China, tacky pink tie and fedora with a feather.

    I found last weekend that a even a decent opener with peacocking can get your set hooked simply because they are curious - they can't immediately tell your identity based on your clothes - they've never seen this exact ensemble before.

    We think a lot about openers and DHV, but what is between these is the hook Point.

    Here's what I learned:

    Hook Point - not necessarily DHV, and IOI's aren't necessarily attraction, that's okay.

    The hook point, the moment when the set stops waiting for you to leave and starts wishing you would stay - "A1" in MM.

    Why I've Come to like A1: there is only one thing to do. You don't have to think about compliance and sh1t tests and kino (though you should be doing kino early) and social proof - only interest. Get them interested in/curious about you. Anyway, this realization was convenient - I've already got a short list of 'interest-building switches.'

    Content: Interest-building Switches - (based on interpersonal analysis)

    Superiority - the same reason people will talk longer to an Alpha or the wealthy or the skilled than to the Beta or the poor or the unskilled. Interest.

    Rarity (not uniqueness) - everyone and everything is 'unique' in some way. Being unique is not important, but being rare will get them hooked - be careful though, some types of rarity will take you automatically to the FZ.

    Potential to Gain - If one member of a set thinks they can gain from you (whether professionally, personally or just gaining a fun night!) then you are IN, and you can game the rest of the set.

    Mutuality - people like themselves, and people like people who are like themselves. If you have something uncommon in common with your set, then boom! instant connection you can use to connect with the rest of the set.

    I had been having trouble with DHV/Negging and whatnot before they were hooked. Turns out this ^ is why it didn't work. Interest-building also helps to fabricate conversational threads - but more on that later
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