So I was at the bar the other night, and had this girl staring me down. I wasn't and havn't been in the mood for women at all, other then my physical needs being met. My two friends were all about getting laid that night, and I had about four women try to open me at the bar, a few compliments on my shirt, bracelet, etc. I wasn't too interested (which the next day got my phone blown up by all the women I know that were there).

So I chatted her up a little bit and it was going well....I could see in her eyes I had her that night, but I let it go as I wasn't in the mood. I have had a pretty damned low frame lately. It seems when I man goes three months or so without sex it tends to harm is psyche, and cause a host of problems. I have always said one of the best things a man can do for dhv is to already be getting laid.

Well I was planning on a hot cocoa night the other night, movies, the weather was turning cold. I ended up number closing the girl at a different location, and texting solid for a few days. She ended up wanting to come over for hot cocoa and movies...I'm like bet this is an fclose for sure! Then she said she would be at my place in two hours and asked if she could bring her twin...hell yes you can.

This is where it gets see a few of my friends decided to randomly show up with some beers, they brought some beer, I had the twins bring me a case, I guess we are going to party it up.

After a night of drinking and having a good time, and me making almost no moves mind you, it comes up that her and her sister want to make breakfast for my friend and I (by this point there were only two of us guys left). My buddy said he was eating his omelet and going home that he saw IOIs towards me from both girls and saw a 3way for me.

Well when we went to get stuff for the omlets I used it as my chance to isolate. At the store I lightly tested some kino and compliance. She was all the way into it, so I did my final compliance test. I tell them to come to me, from a few feet away. If they oblige, I kiss them. Worked like a charm. I ended up turning her on so much at walmart when we got back she drug me into the bathroom and had me...well...handle her.

Afterwards they cooked, we ate our omelets and my buddy left. Her sister was mad, but I just brought mine in on my couch and got her shirt off and started fooling around. Her sister came in and said sorry, I'm going in here and left the room. More fooling around (details shouldn't be required here), and her sister kept walking in for random reasons. After three times I got up pulled up my pants and went in the room and did the compliance test again with sister2. When I went to kiss her she almost gave in but turned away and said "no we are sisters!".

I could tell in sister2's eyes she was so turned on and wanted me, but knew how jealous she would make her sister. At one point I had them both on the couch and sister2 was down. As I kissed sister2 I held sister1's hand to let her know that there was no reason to be jealous, then turned and kissed sister 1. It was no good, sister2 picked up on sister1's jealousy right away.

Knowing that I wasn't going to have them both, I did my thing with sister1 and went to sleep with her. She woke up, gave me a kiss, covered me up and left.

When I woke up, I found sister2 still passed out on my couch, and told her she could go sleep on my bed it was more comfortable. I went in my room to grab a bag and she suggested that I come cuddle with her she was cold, then said "No I'm only joking, hehe". I jumped into bed anyway and had her as well.

I'm disappointed I couldn't have them both at once, but I still ended up getting both twins.

On closing though, they are both firecrotches and true redheads...I think I may have opened up a can of whoopass on myself, so how I handle the two of them in this next two weeks is going to be crucial and a learning experience, if I live through it! Hell of a way to open the floodgates and end a dry streak.