Hey all still pretty new, I've been practicing for maybe a month or so now (been out 5ish times maybe). One of my local wings that suggested magic bullets said I should basically be keeping to the basics. I'm still having trouble approaching and opening, so I haven't read much past that that's primarily what I'm working on.

So then comes this week. I'm older and in grad school, and this week was homecoming. Well I'm an older brother in a fraternity and since this is my first semester in grad school I really haven't been around.

So I went up to the house earlier in the week and got to know all the brothers. I knew a few of them from stopping around before, but most I didn't really know. I didn't know any of the women at all.

So I'm flirting with an cute 7 and doing some cocky funny stuff. She was checking her facebook and I made her add me, then I accused her of trying to stalk me.
So the next day I keep it up. She said something about me needing to drink more so that I talk more, and I turned my back to her and told her we're not friends anymore. Huge smile on her face.

So later when I get more lit I'm being loud and causing a ruckus. Basically due to the organization stuff I have a huge amount of respect from all the guys, so I'm getting social proof like crazy.

More flirting, and escalation, having great compliance from her. Stuff like pointing to my cheek and she's kissing me. I'm like feeling up her ass when I have my hand around her waist, and not getting any resistance or anything.

So basically I was doing what I wanted, being in control, loud and fun (although I'm drunk, but not sloppy). However I ended up leaving leaving her and just having a good time. I come back later and another guys is following her around. I figure I'm not gonna fight over her and just keep on having fun. So I do basically until the party dies out and I head home.

So the next night I end up seeing her again and I N close pretty early. She was saying something about me not wanting to to go the bar with her, and I said I didn't have her number so made her put in my phone.
But that night isn't a huge party like the night before. Like we (a group of us) bounced to a few places and nothing really fun was going on.
She was talking about how it wasn't as fun as the night before, and I thought it was especially beat for Saturday on a homecoming.

Saturday didn't feel like there was a lot of fun or tension like on friday. There was hardly anyone there, and mostly everyone was just drinking and BSing. I didn't try to kclose because of like the social circle thing and didn't want to make it awkward.

Now I kind of figured after friday I'd be able to close on saturday so I kind of got a little bit focused on her instead of just being fun. Like on friday I had no intention of trying to hook up with her, I was just having fun. She mentioned how she was exhausted and hadn't been sober since friday (on saturday night).

So I'll be inevitably seeing more of her doing social things at school.

What's the best move from here?
Text in a few days, or just wait to see her around?
Since I haven't really read much past attraction I'm sure I did plenty wrong (especially on saturday). Or is it a damage done kinda thing and LJBF zone now?

I'm mostly looking for critique. And I kind of figure I was thinking about her way too much on saturday and totally being too available. She's a cool cute chick and all, but my main thing is getting better and more confident. So I'm not really sure I did much if any qualification, but I had pretty high compliance.

I also don't want to do any social circle damage here (she's not any brothers GF though, but is buddies with like everyone).

Appreciate any advice/feedback fellas!