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    Default Bama Succes Stories

    So recently went on a business trip to AL and had a blast.

    so the stories go

    On friday night i went out by myself to a little martini bar and sat at the rail drinking beers. I noitced two beautiful women in walk in together HB 9 brunette and hb8.5 blonde. They strolled around the bar and came and sat right next to me. I minded my own business watching the game when finally the HB9 brunette asked what had happenend to my ankle. (im currently wearing a boot with a broken foot). I explained to her i did it wakeboarding. I ended up hitting it off really well with both women. It was a 3way conversation that all parties were actively engaged in and everyone was contributing to the conversation really well.

    hb 8.5 blonde was 36 and going through a divorce, and hb 9 brunette had just broken up with her bf last week. At this point i could tell both chicks were into to me and it was a competition. I really started getting IOI's from the brunette. Neither woman gave a sh1t that i was 25. They were incredibly fascinated by my job and what kind of airplanes i work with. Definelty dhv worked in my favor.

    So 1200 rolls around and there is about 3 mid 40 gentlemen that creep up into my set. One of them went straight for the hb blonde so i directed my attention 100% to Hb brunette. She was touching me and i was touching her with little flirtatious hitting and such. The 3 males ended up being super pushy after a few drinks and pissed the girls off and then proceeded to try and make fun of me. I laughed it off and stood my ground positioning myself in the middle of the females. Once i had done this the two hb's whispered to me "wow these guys wont leave us alone there creepy" I looked at hb brunette and told her to tell them she sh1t her pants. She died laughing and lost it. about 10 minutes of these chodes trying to AMOG me it didn't work. Both girls stated lets go to the next bar. I ended up riding with them to the next bar.

    so we hit up the next bar for the last hour. and hb brunette and i really connected. we were touchy feely and all the signs were there. We then proceeded to take some more shots. I look sternly at her and nudge my head in about half way just looking at her eyes, and she broke out blushing with the hugest smile. We ended up making out the rest of the night at the bar several times.

    So last call rolls around and apparently the hb 8 blonde knew these off duty police officers that wanted her to come over for an after party. The Hb brunette asked if i wanted to go. i said sure. So we ended up going to the house and everyone was super drunk and drinking besides hb brunette and i. She kinda of took a turn in her demeanor stating she wanted to leave because she was tired. I kept thinking in my head oh sh1t i messed this up somehow. After battling with my own mind i decided to isolate her again in the office and began kissing her all over her neck and shoulders and she insisted we needed to leave.

    We ended up leaving her friend there and we took off at about 330 in the morning hand in hand. We went and got waffles at 400 in the morning and literally talked about some pretty in depth stuff in our lives ie kids, prior marriages and all that jazz. She was a real pleasure to talk to. Things went well. We ended up going back to the hotel and sealed the deal. She kept saying how mature i was for 25 year old and that she wanted to fly out to see me, and insisted we stay in touch. She also stated she had no problem dating a younger man.

    So far we have been talking via text and sending pic messages, but i have noticed the texting game is a lot different with a 32 year old woman as opposed to a 25 year old girl. As of right now i don't see either of us being much more than a fling due to our geographic locations and the logistics of everything.

    DAY 2

    SO i ended up Saturday night going out to the 2nd bar from the night before. Again since i didn't not have a wing i sat at the bar and watched football. Two girls had approached the bar to the right of me ordering drinks. I made eye contact with both and asked how there nights were going. I don't know what it was but both of these girls were instantly eating out of my palm laughing. They were HB 6 and hb 7. Definitly not the hottest girls but they were still attractive and nice to talk to. They insisted that i come sit with there group of friends. About 4 girls and 5 guys. The music was incredibly loud so i decided to go outside and talk with hb7. Girls had been flocking outside at this point to smoke or talk on phones. groups had sat at hb7 and my table and started talking to me. Hb was getting furious to the point she insisted we go to a house party. We ended up leaving with the group she came with and went to some beautiful apartment that overlooked the city. Everyone got farking hammered including me this time. She insisted we leave. I said we should take a taxi and she said she was alright to drive. (she certainly wasn't) it was pretty dumb in hindsight. Glad no one got injured and we arrived safely back to my hotel. I ended up sealing the deal that night.

    She now texts me nonstop and says stuff along the lines of "if ur ever in alabama call me i really want you inside of me" I am thinking i got a class 5 clinger alarm being triggered.

    Anywho thought i would share my back to back nights of success being my own wingman

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    Default Re: Bama Succes Stories

    Holy shit man that's fuckin awesome! Lol nice work.

    I recently was out of town for work but didn't bring back stories like that, although I hoped too.. well good to hear someone did haha.


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