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    Default HOT Japanese 3 Set 03-27-09

    The Wing Girls Seminar was interesting. After the seminar me and a group of the guys went to Club Bang. There are too many people to name that went. Some of them were:

    King Kong
    Rx Queen
    * Some other guys, sorry don't know their names yet

    First we got lost looking for Club Bang, go figure we've only been there a million times. Once we found Club Bang; It was remodeled and my did it look fantastic!!! There were new windows on the outside and the smoking patio was revamped with nice tile floors and lighting. So much memories at Club Bang; i love that club. It was $15 bucks to get in. Once we got in; I was off with Rx Queen to the hip hop room and than back outside to the smoking patio; dame second hand smoke. I admit I was chodding a bit throughout the night and it was killing me. Muse looked like he was having a blast with his challenges. The seminar got me kind of pumped. Poor old me.

    Thanks to King Kong for pushing me a bit to open girls with high fives and it worked for the most part. For some odd reason I was just kind of angry and pissed off a bit but I put that behind me and just wanted to have a great time tonight. I wasn't talking to anybody so now it was all on me to push myself to at least SPEAK.

    The first set I technically opened was when King Kong pulled me into a two set that he was getting bored of. I introduced myself and two-set were a bit quiet and unresponsive, whatever.

    King Kong: "Hey guys look, this is Basic, the coolest dame guy in the world." :yahoo:
    Two-Set: "Hi, I'm blah balh"
    Me: "Hello"
    Two-Set: *Totally unresponsive :crazy:

    King Kong turned to me and said:
    "I called you over here because I got bored of the two-set"
    Me: "Glad I can be of service"

    We ended up going back inside and Low and Behold we see the same two-set standing right next us. I opened them why the hell not? They were totally unresponsive so FUCK IT.

    Me: "Are you two following us?"
    Two-set; *Shake her head no
    Me: "What a coincidence?"
    Me: "Alright girls, time for a three way make out" :bomb:
    *I put my arms around them to pull them in for a three make out
    *Fuck it I don't give a dame 2 cents for these bitches

    As I pulled them in for a three make out, they pushed me away and shook their heads no. So I recovered with one of Ripper's responses.

    Me: "You passed the test!!!"
    *something like that
    Two-set: *Smiled with blank stare
    *high fived them for passing the test
    Me: "Congratulations !!!, this means that you two are different"
    *I clapped my hands
    Two-Set: *Smile with blank stare again

    I saw King Kong leaving to a different area and I didn't want stand there with these two dumb broads and so without saying anything to them with a huge smile on my face i left them there and walked away. This smoking while chodding is going to literally kill me someday. What a life ehhh? I meet up with some of the guys from the seminar in the smoking patio. I was being social a bit with some of the people in the smoking patio, they seemed cool. i wanted to do the apocalypse but it never happened. Everyone seemed like they were having a great time. Muse had a 10 second makeout.

    Muse opened a couple of guys with "Did you just say that Midgets are Awesome?"
    Guy: "No with *something is awesome, but midgets are awesome too because you can pick them and throw them"

    As everyone was being introduced i was a innocent bystander. As the guy who said midgets are good to throw like a fucking football. He mentions me "Heres Muse's friend, who is being RUDE for not introducing himself." That's because your talking about throwing midgets like a fucking football, whatever. I shook his hand after I introduced myself and the fucker had the odescity to put his arms around my waist and pick me up in the air about 5 feet off the ground. I thought the bastard was going to throw me across the patio like he said he was going to do with midgets. I was pretty god dame piss but what could I do? The bastard was bigger than me. He was probably joking, however I felt really uncomfortable with it. Muse was a witness to this.

    The best set of the night for me was when I winged King Kong. I didn't realize that he was in a three set with Japanese HB's in the smoking patio. Thanks Muse for pointing this out as I was working myself up to be wingman for King Kong. 1......2...........3 .......GO. I started to walk over to King Kong.

    Me: "Are you being nice to my boyfriend?"
    *Arm around King Kong
    3-set: *Smiling, probably because they were confused
    King Kong: "Hey guys, this is my friend Basic"
    Me: "This is troublemaker?"
    *pointing at the HB 7.5 standing on the other end of the set
    King Kong: "No this is troublemaker"
    *pointing at HB 7, I guess King Kong thought this one was hotter.

    King Kong went on talking as I stood in dead silence. Finally I said to myself, "FUCK IT" I'm going to go around the other side and speak with HB 7.5, instead of just standing here in dead silence.

    Me: "She's?"
    *Pointing at her other friend, they were saying their names
    HB 7.5: *Saying the o the two girls name
    Me: "You are?"
    HB 7.5: "Eri"

    *There were some moments of silence, at first I was a bit freaked out, however I was able to calm myself and embrace those moments and use them to my advantage. King Kong was doing his own thing with his target.

    Me; "I like salad."
    HB 7.5: "What?, you like what?"
    Me: "Salad, you like Salad too?"
    HB 7.5: "What is that?"
    *She was getting a bit irritated, however interested into what Salad was

    Me: "Lettuce and tomatoes"
    HB 7.5: "Oh, Salad, ok; Why do you ask?"
    * I ignored the question and keep going
    Me: "Salad, with ranch dressing is the best."
    Eri starts telling her friend about salad. :hahaha:

    Me: "Hey how do you bow?"
    *Since shes Japanese
    *I started to bow at her and her friends
    HB 7.5: "Yeah that's it"
    *She started to bow

    I wanted to build some comfort with Kino, so I would lean in a little because i had a hard time in hearing what she had to say. King Kong looked like he was doing great with a Number Close. HB 7.5 was only going to be here for another 3 days before leaving to Japan. I wanted to do the "We'll never see each other again lets make out" routine from Ripper, however I changed my mind.

    Me: "Too bad your leaving I could've showed you around America." :give_heart:
    HB 7.5: *Something about Spring Break and what ever I didn't give a rats ass. :bye: :bye:

    After we left the set we just shoot the shit and started opening sets. King Kong was looking for his onitis. This is the most fun I've had in awhile. :music:

    What I've learned that night was that it was ok to approach girls and people in general. I wasn't a bad or evil person for approaching people, however it may take some time before I will sink this information in. Whatever issue the other person is having, it's really their problem not mines. Life is simply too short to be worrying about what the other person's problem is, I wish them the best of luck and get the fuck out of my way because I've got a life to live and time is going by way too fast.

    --Basic :good:

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    Sounds like you have a lot to learn, but also you have the key ingredient that I see in any guy who is getting better (and I have seen some of the best - including being pretty tight with the best pick up artist in NYC)... and that is you are not scared to go out there - make mistakes and learn.

    Rock on.


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