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Thread: crazy night at irish pub

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    Default crazy night at irish pub

    field report:

    I'm at an Irish Pub with a married friend. We are sitting at the bar. Two HB7s approach from behind and want access to get a drink.

    There is a small space between me and my friend. My friend says "Sure, sqeeze in."

    I say, ''but you have to buy us drinks".

    An HB7 slides up to bar, turns and says "guys are supposed to buy girls drinks."

    I say, "I didn't get the memo. Besides, I've never bought a girl a drink in my life."

    "Here's your chance."

    "Don't get me wrong you seem nice but you aren't that special."

    HB7 looks abash, punches me on the arm.

    I chat up her friend a bit. Thier drinks arrive, but they linger until i say, "Ok now get out of here."

    HB says "How rude."

    20 minutes later. HB7 wants another drink. She slides between me and my friend and we flirt. She invites me to join her and her friend at their table.

    20 minutes later I join them at their table. I push-pull. I kino. She is on my lap. We kiss. I get her phone number. I walk off.

    Here is where it gets crazy.

    20 minutes later i spot a HB9 sitting on top of a table right next to the HB7. I approach with solid game. I defend against an AMOG brother. Things are going well, but I haven't truely hooked her yet.

    The HB9 is saying something and I feel the HB7 pull my arm. I spin around and chat with her, but then she starts kissing me. I like it, but there is a 9 sitting and waiting.

    She is still kissing me as I turn around to reengage the 9. The 7 is going crazy kissing my neck and ear while I try to talk to the 9.

    The 9 has a confused look on her face, but she can't leave. We're talking while the 7 is kissing me. But then the 7 goes completely nuts. She pulls me away with force and tells me I am an asshole but she wants to use me for sex.

    Now the entire bar is watching and they can't believe their eyes. I'm trying to talk to the 9, the 7 has her hands all over me, the 9 is frozen, and 6 AMOGs including the brother are running in a full sprint toward us.

    They scoop up the 9 and carry her out the door, as she holds a hand toward me.

    I've lost the 9.

    The 7 might be a nut.

    And my married friend's jaw is on the floor.

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    Default Re: crazy night at irish pub

    That was a crazy night and this is the stuff that being a pua and dreams are made of! Now to find and get the HB9 number which I don't think will be very hard especially if you frequent the pub a lot chances she will be there and might be looking for you. I hope you farked the HB7 since she was all over you but if not no worries because I think you became desirable to both because of what you did and how you handle it! Just my opinion

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