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    Default The Red Door Birthday DHV Story

    My mentor Guru Sam wrote this great field report. He is not involved with any of the forums, but with his permission and some obvious name changes I'm sharing it. I think that it offers some quality insights into the power of a strong dhv story and the inspiration that even newbies can provide us.

    The Red Door Birthday DHV Story
    Seattle Field Report for Friday Oct 19th, 2012

    Friday HB Kali drug me out to the Red Door in Freemont here in Seattle. I really did not want to go out and practice after a great day of relaxing but she insisted and she was right; with Cowgirls the next night I needed a little social momentum and in-field acclimation. So I give her credit here as a way of saying Thank You for not letting me become one with my couch that night.

    The Red Door is a laid back pub/bar with a rather young, semi-affluent post graduate crowd. We went there mostly just to people watch and see the social patterns play out in the crowd around us. We had a great time watching a pair of twenty five year old bottle blonds interact with each other and the men who approached. The Alpha was not the one getting the most attention, the Beta was not quite as pretty but was much more approachable. It wasn’t until the Alpha got the attentions of a six foot tall, handsome athletic type that she began to relax and let the Beta have her fun.

    About a half an hour into sitting down HB Kali left for a minute, leaving me to momentarily watch her coat. Before I knew it, an attractive blond came up and asked why I was sitting by myself; she grabbed me and took me over to her girlfriends. I introduced myself to a mixed set table of four attractive thirty-something women and several twenty-something men. I Quickly befriended the men and engaged the women, upon HB Kali’s return I introduced her to the table and we enjoyed the set.

    The woman across from me mentioned that one of the guys was about to have a birthday, so I reached out, took her hand, and asked if I could see her watch. She looked at me a little hesitantly as I said, “Hmmm, In about 40 minutes it’s going to be my birthday.” I smiled at her as she raised her glass and gave me a smile in return. She said that they were talking about each person’s twenty first birthdays and she asked about mine. I told one of my favorite DHV stories.

    When I was twelve I saw a PBS Special on Louis XIII de Rémy Martin Cognac and how I knew that I would find a way to make that my first legal drink. I continued with how I had befriended a forty two year old rather attractive and well off office manager, and got her to buy me a shot at the Metropolitan Steak House as my first legal drink. I described the drink, the bottle, and the experience with sensual but restrained language. This was a DHV story that got a very good emotional response and a drink bought for me by the woman who’s watch I had looked at a few minutes before.

    I talked to her and the rest of the table for a while longer, enjoying the set and receiving massive IOI’s from the one who bought me the drink. Before the night was over I received some few very good hugs, from her and few of her friends.
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