Maybe we can get some suggestions about what to do about a loud venue. Many of the guys blew out of set because they couldn't communicate over the loud music.

Seattle field report for Saturday Oct 20th, 2012

Saturday proved to be a very different kind of venue. When I can talk I am confidant and my body language and energy come together naturally. Charm flows more easily when I can use my favorite tool… a good conversation. Cowgirls was loud, very loud. Conversation was difficult at best. The venue is much higher energy. I found myself stripped of my preferred set of tools.

But I was undaunted, I knew I needed to learn more about this type of environment. I approached relentlessly for a while and got blown-out over and over. I took a break, I knew I had to do this differently then I would at Grimm’s or the night before at the Red Door. This is physical game; that means it is all Body Language and State. There is much less room for error on the Approach.

Acclimating, I found myself getting much better by the end of the evening. I opened several sets and actually built attraction with a few. I began to have a feel for what was needed in this sort of venue and an ability to start putting it into practice.

I was thrown outside of my usual comfort zone. But it was an excellent learning opportunity. It gave me a great view of where I need to improve and, at least by contrast, a good idea of what I am actually quite good at. But the point of all of this is not to find my niche and stay there. It is to learn, grow and in the end to help others learn and grow as well.

Thanks for all who came out and I look forward to seeing everyone else in the weeks to come.