I talk to people a shit ton, its just my nature and I talk with people in groups and individually at work all day, so if it fails I can normally recover pretty fast without having to memorize a backup plan.

I approached a set of two HB7's on Thursday night, I was with my 2 roommates and we were playing some bar game and they were sitting near us, we were mainly out to have a good time just chilling, but I am always trying to run game in my head..My roommate is who turned me on to all of this so its encouraging having him there next to me calling me out, I'm not the shy type and I feel fine approaching anyone...It's trying to approach with a opening set in mind that tosses me off a little bit...But this is how I rolled this one out.

Me to HB1- What the fuck is wrong with your fingernails? Are you an electrician? (Her nails were black)
HB1- What are you talking about?
Me- Well it appears that you had a serious accident, you should shut the power off next time you cut into a power line.
HB1- Oh LOL, my nails are hot aren't they?
Me-If that's what you call it, but it fucked your hair up too.
Me- Stop being rude and introduce me to your friend.
HB1- Blah blah, this is Blah Blah....(The HB2 was standoffish and looked mad that I was talking to her friend, so when we were introduced I shook her hand with as limp of a hand shake as I could.)
HB2- What kind of handshake was that? Man up
(I shake her hand again with the same limp wrist...I'm a big ass guy, I'm a fitness consultant, very athletic. I'm 6'2 240lbs....So they thought this shit was funny as hell.)
I introduced the set to my two roommates, then I excused myself to go do some other shit. Cam back 5-8min later and they were still there. At this point the HB2 walks away and the "Target" HB1 is throwing ioi My way all over the place, asking what I do, my age, touching me etc...I just neg her for every IOI...It was a very easy close if I wanted it, however I wanted to experiment with my newly found tools and that was it..
HB2- I need to use restroom.
Me to HB1- I touch her shoulder/back and tell her to come sit off to the side in this booth with me.
HB1- I really want to have you as my fitness consultant but it sounds so expensive.
Me- I will make you a deal, If I answer this ? right I will give you 1/2 off my services and you will get my # too.
HB1- lol, okay what are you going to ask me?...
Me- ESP Trick
Whats 1+5? 6
Keep thinking about 6, envision it on a chalk board, see it big white and bold in front of your face, you can almost touch it, now listen to me but keep thinking about the #6.....( At this time I write the word Carrot on my business card and cover it up.) Keep thinking S..I...X....Now tell me the 1st vegetable that comes to your mind *snap*
HB1- Carrot!
Me- Toss her my card, "Congratulations , you win."
HB1- Fucking mesmerized, cant stop asking me how I knew etc....
For those of you that try this or have tried this, I get "Cucumber" from a TON of people as well, she even said with out me asking that she was thinking cucumber but said carrot, I have noticed that about 95% of the guys I ask say cucumber, so this might be a great opening to do this trick on a guy 1st to get in and then do the target next...If you get it right with the AM of the group 1st, if you fail with him just Neg him for being (whatever gay characteristic he is)
At this time the HB2 comes back to the table, my 2 friends are still at the megatouch and I have them both at my table...HB2- is a skeptic and HB1 wants me to do the trick for her again...But I refuse and call her pushy, neg her a little in front of her friend. Instead I do the #3-#7 game with HB2. And before I ask her any ?'s I write the numbers on my hand and close my hand, HB1 keeps trying to pry my hand open, I tell her "Patients woman, you can hold my fist but not my hand" So she holds my closed fist as I do the game with HB2.
Me- Pick a number between 1-5
HB2- 2
Me- (In my head fuck..)
Me- Okay now a number between 1-10
HB2- 8
Me- (In my head Ohhhh Fuck me!...I had written 37 on my hand, so I had one last shot at making it work.)
Me- Okay god, now I want you to pick a number between 10-50
Her- 47
Me- (In my head, okay fuck this bitch!)
Me- Well if your touchy friend over here would stop holding my hand and distracting me I would have been a bit closer...blame it on her.
They were amazed that I was within 10 so that was good LOL. After that hb2 grabbed my hand and the pen and wrote "You Suck" on my hand, HB1 Was watching from across the table and couldn't see what she wrote so.....
Me- Why would you write your number on my hand? We just met...and I'm talking to your friend, that's not very lady like.
She had absolutely nothing....NOTHING to say, she didn't even rebuttal it, she just turned red and laughed and HB1 Got upset with her LOL...Then it was 2am, she had my number, I didnt want hers, told her I would see her there some other time, got up and peaced out.
By the end of all of this, whenever HB2 said something sarcastic or rude, HB1 would say shit like "He's so awesome leave him alone." Or she would hug my arm and tell her friend that she loved me LOL.....
Not the best ending but that's not what I was looking for. I thought it was a worthy story.
Good luck this weekend PUA's!