Since I broke up with my ex a while ago I was in a rut because I realized I was in a super bad relationship for like two years so I had to rediscover myself and with the help of PUA I gained my confidence back and was ready to work the field once more. All through out the summer I worked on my Game but I wanted to try something new. Normally when I get out of a relationship I sleep with any girl I can find until my feelings for the last girl I was with die out. But I was tried of that method and it really didn't make me feel any better at all. So I took it slow and went of a few dates with different girls and it was fun. Finally school started up.

I've known this girl for three years now, were in the same program and had lots of the same classes together. And I had to admit I never really thought of her as serious option even though we flirted together a lot it... until this one day. She was stressing out like crazy over school and other things and I saw no one helping her out, how could I let this damsel in distress go? So I managed to calm her down, added some light Kino and when she was stable I did the ring test on her and a cold reading. She was so amazed. But I had to go to a meeting so off I went.

I get a text message the next morning thanking me for helping her out the other day, which I was very surprised about because no one ever thanks me for that kind of stuff before and we got on to texting through out the day. I asked her out on a date and she said she wasn't ready for that yet and I figured well it was fun for a little while and should probably back off the flirting to not make her uncomfortable. The next day I get this text message of how she had a dream about us having a wild love making session.

Being into BDSM I figured she wanted to try a scene with me and leave it as that so I started asking her all sorts of questions to find out what she wanted in the scene. I said before this all happens I would have to go shopping. She said that it didn't matter and would want me anyway. I perked my ears up at that. From there some time passes and were both working late in the studio. She was going to miss her bus and I live just off campus so I invited her to stay at my place to which she accepted. Of course, some things went down and it was really intense. In the middle of it I told her that I didn't invite her over with the intension of something happening and said she knew and was ok if something more did happen. I said pants stay on.

A few days later were in the same situation and she's telling me that its ok with her if we go all the way and I said no its not, she asked why. I said because I knew that I knew it was easy for her to just have sex with people and not have any emotional attachment but that I had feelings for her and I was not ok with getting used by someone I liked. She was surprised by this and said she thought the same thing about me. I thought that was funny and made a joke saying how we had such high opinions of each other. We did end up sleeping together that night and I figured thats how it was going to be, f*** buddies.

Wrong. Tension and feelings grew between us as we continued sleeping together and I asked her out on another date to which she said yes. She was working late every night because of the show (were theatre production majors and she was stage managing the current show) so she was crashing at my place for the past few weeks. A few days ago we were lying in my bed awake at some stupidly early hour in the morning and I asked is she wanted to go out with me, she said yes when? I said that's not what I'm asking, I'm asking if you want to be my girlfriend. I didn't realize it at the time but she cried when I asked her that and asked me if I was sure, I said I wouldn't of asked if I wasn't sure.

I'm really happy and if it wasn't for PUA I would of never had that courage or confidence to get this far with a girl this hot.