I met a girl on POF.com not too long ago we started messaging on Halloween. She is into a lot of the same nerdy things as me and I would put her around a 7 but she's also a chef so I moved her into an 8 in my mind. Immediately she started talking to me mentioning things like "Your not like other guys" or "The other ones usually tell me this, blah blah blah". What I did was I took some advice I saw on here about using an opener based on what they like instead of going "Hey" or "Whats up". Instead I saw she hated Twilight (as do I) and I said "How could you not like a series where the girl stands around emotionless and lets the sparkly boyfriend do all the work?" we hit it off pretty well. Four hours ago after I got off work she texts me about some creepy guy following her around at a bar she was at with her friends and how she could use a cute guy to save her. I took this as an ioi to show up (I had not even met this girl in person yet). Before I showed up I set up a game with her, the first one to spot the other one won a drink. I was at a disadvantage because she was already inside the bar and would see me coming, perfect way to under the radar buy her a drink as I thought. I show up at the bar, cockblock the hell out of the other guy (kinda felt bad for him because I used to be like that) and made a good impression on her friends, after buying my date a drink. Her friends were prettier than my girl was but I was here for her and already had a connection going on so I stuck with it but I used that in talking with her friends I made her work harder to have my own attention. She was fascinated by my line of work (Corrections) and loved my stories about the psych floor I run (Thought I could use it to demonstrate value). I suggested we go to Ihop afterword and she was into it, to my surprise her friends left us to be alone when we left the bar. Had great conversation going with her, I used humor and casual flirting which she returned. Then the check came and here was my dialogued transition to the questions game.
(Me picking up the check)
"Hmmmm, do I be a man and pay for this or..."
(Her): We could split it
Me: Or we could play another game
(I explain the game)
Me: If you win I'll pay for the entire check
Her: Okay
Me: but you don't even know what I want
Her: What do you want?
Me: If I win I want you to kiss me
Her: I might lose on purpose then

It ran across my mind at that point that I had her. She lost the game (not on purpose though) and when we went to our cars I said goodbye as if I'd forgotten about the kiss and she pulls me to her and I go in for the K-Close. Success. We already have our next date planned.

Okay, I think I did alright but what could I have done better?