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    Exclamation Vecen's field report numero uno

    Many of you have seen my attack plan, so you know what I tried.

    Or least was going to try. She flaked.

    Possible reasons for flake:
    1. I sent the initial text three days before it was supposed to happen.
    2. Not enough attraction or light rapport in inital encounters/ I brought up sexual overtones way too quickly.
    However the most likely reason is...
    3. I framed our encounter as a study session, so when more pressing homework came up she switched to that.

    I say this because after she did not show up, I sent the following text:
    "OMG we learned so much psychology tonight!"

    She immediately responded with:
    ":0 oh cool! Share with me later, sorry phil essay right now due tomorrow. ALSO happy belated birthday!! I hope you had an awesome day!"

    Current plan: ask her out again, but this time to a student event going on tomorrow. Then bounce to get some food, then to an interesting place near my dorm, then to my dorm.

    Thoughts or comments on the matter?
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    Default Re: Vecen's field report numero uno

    Sometimes it helps to go slightly direct early on - even in a way that she might interpret as joking, like:

    "Alright missy playing-hard-to-get [student-event] today [time]. Be there or you're a square."

    But that's just the first thing in my head, have you seen the text guides by T-Mal, Cody, Gunsnglory? There's good ideas in there.

    Going direct (even deniably direct) will usually keep you out of the friendzone, but it can also blow the set if you haven't built enough attraction first.
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