God I love this community.

So, after going through the threads about online dating. I decided to change my profile, significantly. Got rid of all the "oh I'm a nice guy" crap and added some zing. That was last night. This morning I got a message. I didn't think much of it and continued with my 9 to 5. When I came home I was shocked to find I had more messages in one day, than I had gotten in one whole year previous. There was one that really caught my eye. She had no photos. My "don't even look at it" radar went off, but for some reason I ignored the feeling. Wow am I ever glad I did.

So I start reading this girls profile... At the bottom it says "I took down my pics because of all the creeps coming up to me saying they saw my profile online". So I send her a funny message with some negs in it. Boom! She sends me a pic. This girl is a hard 9...

Here is the conversation. And if you live in Canada please don't use this for a few months. Thanks!

Me: Awe come on the creepers and the nerds make for a great laugh. I'm friendly to all of my stalkers. I leave them hot coco on my door step in the morning, with little kisses on the rim.

No I know why you took your photos down. Your some crazy cereal killer who doesn't want to be recognized. I've seen the mutilated boxes of Cap't Crunch and Cornflakes. We should be friends. I"m parked around the corner in a white van. I got you a matching coat. If you put it on we can go for a road trip.

But seriously you clicked on me and I don't get to see any of your pic's. Whats that?!

9: ok, but only because you are good looking and interesting
Boom sends the pic

Me: Do you like coco?

9: who that?

Me: coco aka hot chocolate. Haha its a drink, but it would make a cool nickname. Haha as of now your nickname is now coco.
(Who cares if I spelled coco wrong)

9: sure you like that better than *******?
fine i will call you *****
(my actual name)

Me: Ahhhh you have been drinking the coco I put on my door step.
Hey you. How you know my name? If that really is my name...

9: its on your coveralls in the pic
i have to go to sleep, come and park your little white van and cuddle...doors open...xoxo bring the jacket. ahahahha

Wow that was a crap ton of fun. I laughed my ass off (yes at my own jokes)
Will keep updates.
Well maybe.