Okay, so tonight I brought the same couple that was with me On Halloween because I love the presence of a couple. It allows me to make jokes about them, use them for openers, whatever.

So we went to the mall and we were walking around and passed a sweets store, and I saw the cashier was an HB8 so I went in. Can't pass up sweets anyways Haha but I talked to her only enough to get my stuff and go cuz I had to get a haircut before they closed, and after my haircut we still had a bit of time and the people I was with pressured me into going to talk to her and see if she wanted to come to the club with us, so I went back.

Not gonna lie my hair looks pretty fresh with what I was Wearing, and as soon as she saw me her pupils dilated which they didn't the last time I was in, and even though I know there are a lot of things that could cause this, it was still a decent confidence booster.

I said that what she gave me last time was delicious and I had to stock up enough to last me until I could come back and see her Friday to get more. I started browsing and getting into some Fluff talk while I was, asking her opinion on everything I possibly wanted to get. I noticed when she replied that she took as much time as possible telling me everything she could including a lot that wasn't relevant so I took that as an IOI and I complimented her on her gauges she had in because they really were awesome. They had like diamonds hanging in the middle. Really sexy.

Anyways, she started asking me why I didn't have mine pierced and I admitted that id woke up a few times after passing out drunk with safety pins in my ears, but I've never been able to do it sober and I asked her if she even thought I would look good with them pierced, and she said yes. Told her I was on my way to the club and I had to hurry up cuz my friends were waiting and she said "oh that sounds like so much fun. I wish I could. Haven't been in forever" and I asked why not and she told me she worked three jobs.

I asked her if she wanted to come with us and she said she couldn't cuz she had to work in the morning. I suggested we went another time and she agreed. At this point my friends came in and literally dragged me out cuz I had been in there fifteen minutes, so I yelled that I would be back Friday to get her number. She smiled and we left.

Got to the club. Place was completely empty so I had no choice but to go for the hired gun behind the bar which I honestly don't have a lot of experience with but she was an hb9 and I had to do it so I sat next to the bar.

Two minutes later on the TV behind the bar, they announced Obama had won the election so naturally I flicked off the television (sorry Obama supporters) and she immediately saw me and smiled.

Her "I'm guessing you wanted Romney to win?"

Me "yes I did"

Her "did you vote?"

Me "of course"

She then proceeded to ask me a bunch of questions to which I couldn't remember the answers to any so she started explaining politics to me.

Now I know better than to talk about politics with anybody because its such a controversial topic but she really didn't give me a choice. After about five minutes of politics we switched topics to talking about her four jobs, and college she's going into and I "happily decided to leave."

I told her I thought id seen her there before, so she started asking me if I come there often which I laughed at and responded by stating it was me that was supposed to be asking her that.

Now this whole time, people kept coming to get drinks and start conversation with her and she just served them and immediately came back to me. One time she asked me to hang on a second and went to the bathroom but was only there a minute maximum before she came out so I'm assuming she was fixing her makeup or something and she immediately came back and started talking to me.

This is where it gets interesting..

We started talking about stumble upon and I told her I only have psychology and cars as interests because after telling me how addicted she is to it she asked me. So after talking about cars for a few minutes we started talking about psychology. She saw I knew a good amount about psychology and asked why I was so interested in it...

I know this isn't something I should have done, but when I feel like there is a good chance I might wanna date a girl, I stop using the techniques and get really honest because when a girl I'm dating finds out I'm a pua after a month of dating, they flip. So I straight up said this. Btw this is the first time I've openly admitted this without being asked.

"how do I say this without you getting uncomfortable and walking away before giving me a chance to explain. Fuck it. I've been really interested in psychology for years, and it led me to becoming a pick up artist."

Her " I don't see anything wrong with using your knowledge to talk to women, if you have the ability to you might as well."

"wow thanks for being so understanding, I honestly can't believe you are"

Her "im curious though, tell me about it."

"well what do you want Yo know?"

Her "tell me about it. How does it work?"

So I proceeded to explain to her a little bit of it without divulging too much even though its getting to be more heard of.she was actually really intrigued and she asked me what I had done to her if anything. I told her that right off the bat I knew she was too smart for my tricks. I know I got pretty AFC but again, I don't have a lot of experience with hired guns, and knowing that sort of threw off my game.

Somehow she got me talking about one of my ex's and how she made me wait a month for sex. She was said that that sucks and thats way too long to wait for sex and she couldn't do that. Then she said "my boyfriends are usually the same way, scared to make any moves or let it go anywhere."

Me "wait how many boyfriends do you have?" jokingly

Her "no like my past boyfriends"

Me "well how many do you have right now"

Her "none"

Anyways, gonna try to wrap this up. After talking some more this is where it went

Me " how long have we been talking?"

Her "like two and a half hours"

Me " wow, I can't believe how much I'm enjoying our conversation, remind me to get your number before I leave. I'm terribly forgetful when people are pressuring me to go,so I probably wont remember"

Her "actually I have a very strict rule about giving out my number. If I break it, snowball effect."

Me " aww not even for me?"

Her "sorry, I an give you my facebook though."

Me "well I kicked my facebook addiction months ago but I guess I can relapse for you"

So she gave me her facebook info and we fluff talked for a while before I left. I added her on the way home,didn't really care how long I waited. Probably should have.oh well. I did everything wrong with this conversation, but I had a great time, so I'm alright with it. I went out tonight with the intention to gain social proof and if she doesn't wanna meet up or accept my friend request its all good cuz I'm sure she will be friendly with me whenever I go back, and if she doesn't accept my friend request then she wont care if she sees me game other girls so I'm satisfied.