It is 1:20 AM on Saturday-Sunday night and the last 48 hours have seen some wild events. The new crew that has gotten together consists of 4 from this forum and we all had great sucesses and some mediocer results. This is from my eyes, Cooper and the rest can chime in if needed. I would appreciate some critiques. The real action is in the paragraph with the stars ***** so you can skip ahead if time is short for you.

Friday night we decide on the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. We are expecting nothing since it is a cold Friday night. Cooper is there at about 9:30 and I get there around 10:00 PM. I find Coop running some game on some ladies, I want to enter and take up some space in the bar area so I boldy walk in and give him the high five. Two seconds after it is too late I realize that I have interrupted a sarge in progress. Coop being a good guy shows no sign of being pissed and I find out later timing was alright.

After coop and I talk for a few minutes I get up to another area and Coop number closes one of them. Mission accomplish and we move on. A newcomer has joined us and the three of us move to another bar they have in the hotel.

***We get into the library style bar that is small and cozy. I find two seats next to a a group on HB8's I grab one, coop grabs another and the third wing is unfortunately left standing. ( sorry brother )

Coop opens with an opinion opener of girl finds ex girlfriends photos on guys laptop. The blonde knows it is a pick up line right off the bat and starts to blow Coop out. I wait about 20 seconds and then chime in that what he was talking about was happening to me. both girls start to grill me with questions over the next three minutes and I am quickly having to make up shit and make sure the numbers add up about how long I dated this one and that one and the time in between of when the photos were taken blah blah blah.

After some fancy footsteps we get out of the hole. we talk to the targets for a while. I am close enough to get some good rapport building and some light kino. I focus on my body language, slow my speech down and lean back. All new things for me. After several minuets ( 10+ ) Coop number closes and then goes up to get a drink. My target is up from San Diego just for the night. Coops target lives in town. I figure then I am just there to get the experience and see what works. Also give Coop a chance to do his thing. So since Coop was done, I tell them how it was nice to meet them stand up. They invite me to go with them over to a restaurant in the hotel to get some cake, it was my targets birthday. I decline and tell them we will meet up with them later. I didn't want to seem eager.

Coop and I regroup, we lost the third guy, he had to bail. We have a 4th coming and we hang for a bit. Cooper and I decide we want to try to F close, even if we crash and burn, the positive energy was high and we felt unstoppable. Our 4th guy shows up but we lost the third so the three of us go find the two in the restaurant. The two targets cheer when we come up on them. They were really happy to see us. Here is where I need advice, with three guys and two girls, the ratio was off. The guys with new strong game I think may have been a little over whelming. What should we have done? One guy stands out? is there wingman code? The women come and go, but I like this group we have, how do we do our best for each other?

Tonight's report:
This was a second date for an HB7. First date was a week ago, went to a bar that had nice couches. Good rapport building and got some nice kino going. Hands on chest, touching arms and legs, good eye contact. The week had some mildly heated texts, good innuendos, nicknames and such.

Tonight I pick her up ( bad idea for a second date? First one I met her at the bar ) drive to a nice place. She is talking a lot. She cuts me off and after a ten minute car ride all I am hearing is Blah Blah Blah. From parking to restaurant I am putting my hands on her back, back of her neck, little on her ass as I take my hand down.

Dinner is two hours of her NON STOP TALKING on her part. I get no chance to introduce anything on a verbal level. Did not matter at all where I tried to take the conversation. I got in a few words and she was off again. I figure this is only going to be when I can kino my way into stopping the talking madness and get her thinking sexually.

I tell her to skip desert, we are going to go over to a hotel on the beach to listen to some Jazz. Waiting for the valet to bring the car around, she puts her hands on my back, and I hold hers to warm her up. a 5 minute drive over to the hotel from the restaurant to new location. Jazz band sounds great, I choose a table where I can move the chairs next to each other. Then the talking starts and it is just a waterfall of words.

Finally i just grab her arm and start to rub it. She perks up, not breaking the sterile conversation, but gets a sexually aroused look. I still get nothing in return though and body language does not change to focus more in on me so I think this is not working so I stop. I am thinking that maybe I am giving too much IOI's on my part. there have been a few negs and challenges to her opinion throughout the night but nothing heavy. She has a purse that is the size of an army duffel bag, so I neg her about that and the airplane trip she is taking right after the date. She laughs and is playful, but then back to the boring cackling.

I ask her if she wants to walk on the beach. she says yes, so now I am thinking time for K close. I offer her my arm as we are walking down to get to the beach and she takes it. This is Santa Monica so homeless are everywhere. We are walking 5 minutes on the boardwalk an sure enough weirdo guy starts to follow us. I turn around and take her back to the hotel.

I drive her home, go for the walk to the front door and sure enough, I get the frogs ass kiss. The tight puckered lips that I would need a crowbar to break.

Critiques please. Also how do I get that GOD DAM VOICE out of my head of all that talking. Literally 4 hours of non stop talking.