second attempt at posting the field report for my first ever sarge:

so i did my first sarge ever a couple months ago when i was in san fransisco. I went to this little bar and picked out the set right away. there was an average girl telling an obviously loud story to a brunette bombshell. i figured, go big or go home, and if she turned me down, i'd still feel more confident that i atleast started the convo.
they were facing eachother sitting along the bar, so i came in behind the friend and ordered a drink, from there i came around to the friends side ( making sure not to box in the target) and started my sarge:

Me: Ya, you guys are a little too depressing for such a fun bar, isn't that violent story a bit of a buzz kill?

target: NOOO!!! we're totally fun! (ioi #1)

Me to friend: is she always this defensive?
i then fluffed the convo with the friend to show a lack of interest in the target

me to target: Ok, if you guys are oh so fun tell me a joke, and it better be good, my friends are waiting for me over there (points to me friends) and i really should get back to them.

Target: I've totally got jokes that you deff dont want to miss out on (IOI #2)

Friend: Ya, she gets them all from me (IOI# 1)

Me to friend: she seems like the type to steal good jokes

target: my jokes are pretty bad.

me to both: i'm not 12, and i bet mine are worse

Target tells joke, i wish i could remember it. it was a little johnny one, but still pretty witty. I then told her my cheating wife joke and she laughed. i seen the 2 girls beside her get up and leave so i said " your jokes are better than my friends', i'm going to join you for one more drink" i then sat beside the target. luckily my buddy came over and started talking to friend so i could bring target completely into my field. i fluffed with talk about what i do and what she did and such, while letting my leg subtly touch hers, and worked on kino escelation. she showed alot of IOIs once i had her full attention. whenever she made me laugh i rewarded it with a kino of my own, starting with a touch on the shoulder to a pat on the leg, i used a perfume comment to get closer but couldn't build the courage to go for a neck nibble or anything further. i had all the iois but had no idea how to escelate further. lucky for me just as i was hitting the end of my material she had to leave to chase down another friend and i never bothered to ask for a number. any criticism is always appriciated.