Hello again,
As I did last time, I'll keep it short and sweet. I'll also dive in to what I did right and wrong. Any input is always welcome.
I am going to skip the part about how I initially met this girl. This is a summation of our second encounter. She showed up on time at my place at 5. We took off in my car for a nice dinner and a massage. I refuse to mimic what is common and strive to ensure that every experience a female has with me is unique. The drive from the Pasadena area to beverly hills, then to LA brought challenges because, to be honest, we don't know each other that well. There we were... stuck in a car...in traffic...for quite a while. So what did I do? Well in my opinion its what I didn't do that was important. I didn't force conversation. I didn't ask interview questions. I made her every attempt to "figure me out" a total challenge. Example: Q: What do you do? A: Male Stripper. Q: Really??? A: No. Hey are you a good dancer? I don't mean ballet but can you move on the dance floor? = Challenge. Control subject matter. Place her in a position to seek validation from you. This was my favorite. Q: What are you thinking? A: Get a couple more drinks in me and I'll tell you. That question was asked THREE more times that night. Q: What are you thinking? Are you thinking you want to ram me? Boner. A: You didn't hear it from me.

Long story short, I stayed smooth and challenging. I dressed nice. The experience was different than the bread and butter dinner with movie. Stayed cocky. Sexual innuendo jokes work in moderation. It all came together.

I got her in my apartment by telling her I own a pink and black kitten....she was intrigued and came in. It was a stuffed animal but it got her inside. Girls will look for an excuse to get inside your place if they dig you. Give them anything and it should work if they want inside your apartment...your world. My anything was a pink kitten.

What I did wrong? Picked a place that involved that much driving. Don't do that. Keep it short and sweet. Brevity is important in many ways. Supply and demand right fellas? Too much supply, low demand. Body language check: lean away? Yes. Don't face them completely? Check. Take up a lot of space to suggest domination (manly testosterone-y sensuality)? Nah I should have but didn't do enough of it.

The result? No sex. Almost everything but. And there are reasons for this beyond my control and that is not a cop out.

Thanks for listening.