So last my group went to the strip club. Fine by me, I figured it would be a good place for me to start trying out some game.

So we roll in there and some friends are already sitting with a stripper HB7 and we all sit down and start talking. Eventually I strike up a conversation with her and end up trying out Style's 5 questions and got her on the 4th question. I forgot to bet something though so it didn't really have the same impact!

Later I went up to a HB8 blonde on the dance floor with some cash and when she came over I looked straight at her and said, "Do you come here often?" Got a big laugh so I'll definitely be using that line next time! While I was there I decided that I needed to date a stripper in my life time so I thought I'd try to get this girl's number. Is this insanely hard by the way? Has anyone had success closing in any way at a strip club?

So later the HB8 blonde comes over to our table and starts chatting everyone up. The conversation turns to her talking about how she has an ego in the strip club and she says to me, "My ego's as big as your penis." Of course I had to respond with, "Well your ego must be huge." which got a laugh from the table.

At this point she kept on talking to everyone else and I was having a hard time matching her high energy level and contributing to the conversation so I dropped it. Any ideas on where to take it from there? She wasn't sitting next to me so I feel like I could've said, "Aren't you going to come sit next to me? I know you just want to stare at me, but we can talk too."

But I thought it was definitely possible to n-close last night when my buddy said one of the girls told him they were all talking about me when I came in. I'm a pretty good-looking guy but have always been a bit nervous when meeting new people, especially hot women.

So n-close didn't happen. Would love some thoughts on it and to know if anyone has had luck in a strip club before. Thanks.