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    Default First Field Report From a Bar.

    Since reading The Game a few weeks ago, I've been diving into the pick up scene. Here is my first field report, on which I would appreciate any advice or tips:

    I was at a bar with a few friends and after looking around the place, spotted a two set near the pool tables. I balked at first and didn't have the guts to approach, despite having told myself earlier that day that two sets would be the best scenario. A random friend came over and spoke to me for a few minutes, during which I kept looking at the two set, trying to build up some guts. When he left, I realized that last call was in half an hour, so I made my move. I made sure to approach from an angle and used an opinion opener (the jealous girlfriend). I turned my attention to the girl I was less interested in, and after literally 45 seconds, she said something to her friend and walked away, leaving just me and the girl of interest. After the opener, she asked where I went to school, and after I told her, she told me she had graduated from the same school two years prior (this is a college bar). The conversation sort of stalled at this point, but it picked up a little after a minute. Her friend then got her attention and she told me she was being summoned to play pool, but that she would be right back. I said "okay" but felt that just waiting on her would be too beta, so I walked back to some friends and struck up conversation with them. I looked over and she was standing alone in between shots, and I couldn't tell if she was waiting for me to come back over or what, but I let it go. The biggest part of this experience was getting over aa, which I did, but what do you guys think I could have improved on? Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: First Field Report From a Bar.

    I'm not an expert at this yet, but I think you did the right thing by not running to her between shots. If you happen to see her again as her if she won, then you could challenge her to a game of pool.

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