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    Default requesting analysis on my texting

    So there's this one girl that thinks I'm cute, and naturally I got her number and started texting her. I will write down my most recent text messages, and i would like some feedback on whether or not I'm doing a good job being flirty, casual, and interesting. I want criticism, so please be brutal if you think its merited . Here we go:
    {Initial conversation}
    Her- You'd def beat me by 50 points if we did one on one bball! Haha horse might be a different story though I normally shoot low 70's

    Me- Damn lol you could be on the lpga tour. I assume you're on the {my school} team.

    Her- You know what its called thats impressive! Most guys say wpga major points there haha but yeah im on the team.

    Me- Well its good im not most guys then! So tell me, what can i use these points for?

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    Default Re: requesting analysis on my texting

    I'm not a big fan of text game to be honest. I think there are way too many ways to go wrong. You might say something jokingly and she could take it more serious. As a rule of thumb, I use texting for game as little as possible, usually restricting it to setting up meetings. Also, you want to build rapport in person so you get comfortable with each other. That being said, everything looks alright so far. Just be careful, it is easy to lose a woman's attention through texting. Once she replies, I'd advise you to turn it into a way to meet up.

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