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    Default Accidental pick up, food for thought, hmm....

    Hi Major here.

    Still at the very early stages of learning pick up, the principles are understood but not yet internalized. Today I met a lovely young HB7 completely by accident, I was at a phone box where I live (I know, who still uses a phone box?!) and I had the wrong number. After playing around with the number combinations I got through to the person I wanted to speak to (totally not picking up a bag of weed, honest...). So when I got off the phone, I said, thinking no-one was around.

    "Thank fark for that"

    As I have said this, the HB7 has walked around the corner, stopped and looked at me. I have naturally out of embarrassment, started laughing and said.

    "Im so sorry, I was talking too myself" and continued laughing.

    Now she has started laughing too, which I have interpreted as an IOI.

    So, we get talking for a minute or 2 and im thinking how I can game her. I literally have no routines memorized or anything.

    This may not be perfect and if anyone could alter it to make it sound better that would be good. But I then said.

    "This isnt fair. You have already seen an embarrassing moment of mine, the score is not even. For us to continue this conversation your gonna have to tell me one of yours"

    So, now if she responds she is jumping through my hoops, no? Also is this a dhv? Because now she has to justify herself to talk to me. Today it did work. She told me something about her being in an interview and getting sweat patches because she was nervous, NICE.

    Anyway we spoke for a few more minutes, then I number closed. She said she is free this weekend and we should hook up, so it seems to have gone well.

    So my main questions are, do you think this would work as a routine? say If you saw her coming round the corner you could say something out loud and pretend you were talking to yourself, which sounds strange, but it worked today. Or do you think this was a fluke because maybe I seemed so natural due to the opener honestly being by mistake.

    Feedback would be great, and if any of the PUA's could turn this into a workable opener/routine that would be amazing.

    Stay positive my friends.

    Major signing off.

    Also read the title back and that was possibly the worst choice of title in the history of man, c'est la vi.
    “All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake up in the day to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”

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    Default Re: Accidental pick up, food for thought, hmm....

    Haha wow good for you. Personally I think planning to do it would sound canned, unless you're an outstanding actor. But good for you, man!

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    Default Re: Accidental pick up, food for thought, hmm....

    Anything GENUINE & situational like that, is perfect for using as an opener.

    Especially if it includes laughter!

    When you can take what could have been an awkward / embarrassing moment, & turn it into a reason to talk to a girl & express confidence, you're gonna have fantastic results!

    Great job man!

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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