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    Default Second time clubbing, first field report by Fu$10N

    So I went to a club last night, and it wasn't too pretty. Partly it was my fault for using a poor strategy, partly it was the club itself. First of all, this is my second time going to a club, since I turned 21 only recently, and it was the first time I've been to this particular club. So it was a completely new territory. But even when I got there I knew I was at a disadvantage. The place was packed, the guy to girl ratio was about 3-1, the music was unfamiliar and far too loud for any conversation, it was very dark, to a point where you can hardly see anyone, and too many guys were peacocking. In fact, I saw one guy who completely copied Mystery's style, big black fuzzy hat and all. I'm very new to the whole PUA thing and I'm still reading through material, but I thought that peacocking went out of style already for this specific reason, that it's no longer uncommon? Anyways, I did approach some women though and got a few of them on the dance floor for some "intimate-grinding session". But that's really as far as went. Whenever I saw a girl standing outwardly by the bar, I came up and said something like, "Jesus Christ, you look so bored! Why are you not having fun?" We'll chat for a little bit, and one girl did say that she was waiting for her boyfriend (which I thought was BS), and I would reply with "Well that's not very cool of him leaving you alone like that. Come with me to the dance floor, you look like you wanna have fun!" Idk if that was a good response, but she refused and so I gave her a hug and left her alone. The girls that did dance with me, danced for a while but then we would part ways, usually after the song was over.

    And so that's where I always get stuck at. I can get a girl to dance with me, but then I'm not sure how or where to transition after. I know I definitely need to to work more on my verbal game, like memorize better openers, get her to become more interested in me, etc., and I need to learn better how to spot ioi's, but I don't know what to do/say once we are dancing. The entire process is 80% non-verbal. Right now I'm not exactly sure what works for me and what doesn't, but I'm learning from trial and error. Also I didn't have a wingman with me to a evaluate my game at the time, so any tips from you guys would be helpful.

    Also, I'm still deciding whether night game is even for me. I'm starting to think that I would get far more success during the day and being direct. Let me know what you guys think about Daygame vs. Nightgame?

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    Default Re: Second time clubbing, first field report by Fu$10N

    Daygame requires a more direct approach as opposed to night game, I wouldn't particularly say daygame is easier but I do with creating little to no attraction, main reason being is that you will not see this girl for a while and the attraction will fade. Best thing to do is to make it memorable for them.

    As for nightgame I switch to indirect and follow the mystery method, its much more simpler that way. Openers aren't the main issue when it comes to night game but I like one that comes in with a neg or a push/pull. My favourite one that got me having 10s giggling and hooked is my Wizard of Oz opener:

    Sohan: Excuse me, but do I know you from somewhere?
    HB: No *this will be the most likely answer*
    Sohan: Really? Because I was helping my close friend out who's auditioning people for the Wizard of Oz last month and I swear you look exactly like one of the actress's that auditioned.
    HB: No, wasn't me *or some variation*
    Sohan: Yeah, come to think of it, she had better hair to be honest but you have a cuter smile *she will start giggling or messing with her hair* see there it is! Which reminds me *stack to c and u smiles routine*

    Keep approaching and try to find a club that's not too noisy or use the smoking section (if you're not into girls that smoke then it's fine, a lot of them go out with their friends to talk aswell). Clubs are generally a good place to find good looking girls, just out and have some fun pal. Good luck!
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