It was one of those nights where everything lined up perfectly. I picked up my pivot at 8:45, She is this hot diva That I record music with.
I entered the exclusive warehouse party With my two wings and my pivot on my arm. Big smile. I had that aura. My fingernails were painted black, I was wearing eyeliner, So I looked a little bit strange for a hip-hop event. But in the end it didn't matter because I just didn't give a f*ck. I knew two out of three of the incredibly hot bartenders, So I played social proof like a fiddle. It didn't hurt that my friend phoned the venue. I did it just like mystery in the pick up artist. I opened the first set on the left. Once I locked and I initiated a little flash game. I made damn sure That the entire room New that we were the funnest group. Within 10 minutes I had three HB tens, isolated. But my wings were turning out to be more of students. Some guy started Moving in a really hard on my pivot. Which was fine. She was getting really turned on when she saw how many girls were around me. I played a sh*t load of games, Like Neil Strauss five questions, the cube. I would roll off and ADHD the girls on the other side of me. My calibration was second to none . By the end of the night I had written penis I'm pretty much everybody's hand. If you don't know about that one you're really missing out. I did a lot of eliciting values and Kino Escalation. Every five minutes I was twirling some girl around. Getting her to smell my cologne, I just ran every single gambit. Eventually this seem to hypnotize all the men around me. I was alpha defined. After a while I noticed this one creepy guy Was still all over my Pivot. i AMOGed him. Wrote penis on his hand, He was a good sport so he got to leave with his dignity. I think at that and he was like, teach me. Anyway out of the corner of my eyes I see my old ex-girlfriend. Use that as momentum as I told each set How she was stalking me . I was unstoppable. Every bump was transformed into a advantage. I used sashas daygame when i said, i saw u undressing Me with your eyes, I mean I get that all the time, obviously. But I'm not a piece of meat , You can just come over and talk to me, Instead of molesting me with your eyes. It's really cute when you're doing though, How many guys have you seduced today With this sexy flirty thing that you're doing. I let it go out on for a ridiculous amount of time . When I sensed she thought I was weird, I phase shifted, Told her the most fascinating thing that I have learned that week, some nlp stuff about maps and territory being different. Once I prove to her that highways normal, I introduced her to some female friends Let I had only just met myself. Then I went back into it . When she asked me if that's what I say to all the girls, I told her I'm not one of these guys that do that. That go around hitting on girls all the time, I've got too many women hitting on me. Which i did. I told her I'm also not a police officer , I'm also not a fake modeling agency that turns out to be a scam, I told her I'm not some creepy artist guy that wants to paint her naked, Then I said. I feel a little bit guilty because Maybe there is a 25 % chance that I am hitting on you. But still 75 % chance not . And I told her I'm not a bank robber, I'm not a preacher I can't save your soul . . Okay I just got to be honest, There's probably 75 % chance that I'm hitting on you right now. It worked like a charm . When I saw her touch her hair , I went for the old cliché line, I'm trying really hard not to kiss you right now . Escalated keno by giving her a spin, Held her from behind, Got her to imagine six months from now. Ok movies over. Pushed her off. Then I got really really serious , The whole I have a confession to make thing, Then I told her I have to go to the bathroom. She laughed. We went into the same bathroom together. I asked her if she wanted to hold hands under the stall, Which is from a Steve Martin movie, The lonely guy. She it was giving me total compliance. She went P really loud . Which I saw as an IOI. ISEE EVERYTHING AS AN IOI. After I had her locked in to another set, I isolated the entire group, Locked into the center seat of the couch . I looked like the star of the hip-hop video. This caused every other fine female to lock in around me . During all this I made a real plan To see if the girl from outside on Monday. She was giving me a lot of Iowa eyes . Lol. Oh I forgot to mention , I kissed her before we went inside. It was a very sweet kiss. I didn't go into hard and I think she appreciated that . It was very tender and nice. When I left she was really concerned that I had her number, Once I had it she kept reminding me to call . Reminding me of our date And exactly what we would do. Its on. After that I went home with my pivot, kino escalated like a champ But I decided not to screw her, Mostly because I wanted her to remain as my pivot. I actually really wanted to screw her, But I knew if I escalated without screwing her, That I would probably never see her again. I wanted to Keep her in the friend zone . Which is a really strange thing to hear myself say . But I know exactly what it was that made this night to work . If not for the total compliance of My pivot then I would not have been nearly as successful
That's what a lot of you guys need to learn. In order to take it to the next level, Getting laid it becomes inconsequential. The fact is I had the time of my life And I am quite certain that I will be getting laid By a high value woman day after tomorrow. HB 9 and really petit. The most important thing is that My game has been passively progressed. I have a very promising wing now, He was pretty amazed once he saw me an action. So basically this was my transformation From pick up artist to pick up Guru. I could see all the mistakes he was making . How he was approaching wrong . How he failed to DV . It reminded me of my old AFC self. He's really willing to learn though, And that's all it really takes . After a Wayo the techniques become second nature And you become unconsciously competent . Today it was my first experience with that. My advice to all aspiring PUA Is to get out of your head . Stop worrying what everyone else is thinking And worry about what you're thinking. I want to give my sincerest thanks To Mystery, STYLE, Lovedrop and Sasha daygame for Helping me to transform so quickly. My life has completely changed. You should hire me to help you do some seminars or something. I am progressing so quickly that I will Be the best in the world very soon. Lastly, I have learned that day game techniques such as pre frames that i explined Are extremely effective in nightclubs as well. Imagine running game that works on the street, where you have no value, In a fancy nightclub with all sorts of social proof and women hanging all over you .
When I said are you hitting on me ? Because I get that a lot . It actually seemed less ridiculous . Women were relating with me perfectly Because I was quite obviously Prequalified by women and a leader of men . I would tell each girl, I flirt a lot but I don't put out, etc... It's hard for me to take you serious, Because I just have so many women hitting on me. Even when they weren't hitting on me i said this like mantra. Talked about how hard it was To be treated like a piece of meat. Lol. It worked like a magic Charm. Everybody thought I was a wizard .