So I live in sherman oaks, ca and work in los feliz 20 minute or less car ride, hour and a half bus ride. I take the bus. Even if I had a car I still would because its my time to sarge haha.

So Im walking up to the bus stop and see hb7.537 sitting on the bench. Her hair is up all cute and looks like it waa hard so I immediately opened with ” nice hair, I bet that was hard to do” she said not really which I read as a lie because the sh1t looked like it took,time anyway I then said ” its falling out” wish I would of had a pic of her facial expression! She went to grab it and I stopped her saying I was kidding and I got a nice slap on chest and we laughed. I was in, then started small talk. Asked where she was headed, flirted, how long she was at the stop, flirted then i knew she.was comfortable because she wouldnt stop talking once we got on the bus. I used the magic words we should continue this whats your number and WABAM she grabbed my phone and added it, which i then to make sure its real and see her recieve it. This was Number Close 1 of 3. Im on a phone, no laptop so ill field report two and three later on this thread. anyway text game has been going good so far, but if you guys have read im a master.fark up when we finally meet. Im going to use the photo taking method and hope it works. I leave for work in thirty and plan on getting some good sarging in. Happy sarging fellows!