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    Default night club report

    I just recently started going to nightclubs because i turned 18 few months back but there fun Kino heaven. so 2 night ago, after i danced/grinded a few girl, i thought it was time to get serious. so i approached a set of 3, i just used the dress opener, i could tell this girl Alli was into me because she gave me ioi's, i paid a lot of attention to her friends. they even taught me the gangnam style. these we the hottest set of girls there. I believe one of her friend was jealous i was giving attention to Alli because she kept staring at me. so later on she told me Alli had a boy friend. but i didnt give up. they told me they are gonna go dance and i should come!! i dont know why i didnt go.

    I think i didnt go because i saw another target, She was cute too. so i approached her i opened with a neclace opener, she was wearing one. we just started talking/dancing. i was a liitle buzzed so accidently i lied to her, so i had to pay along. but i brought her back to truth. she was visiting her family for thanks giving, she even introduced me to her friends and i was cool with them. i found out later we had a mutual friend *suckkkk. then i had to clear my little lie with mutual friend. dlv i think *all bad. kiss closed. she gave me her number lol but told me she's getting her phone in few days because she lost it. so she gave me her email and told me to email her!! i emailed her but yet no response back. good night. i should start reporting! i have so many daygame reports

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    Default Re: night club report

    Not bad man, just real quick your neclace opener is just an opinion opener. Sounds like good game but you should have number closed Alli and moved on to the new girl with a possibility of hitting up that girl later.

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