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    Default Online Dating Field Report - First Date

    Hey fellas,

    Apart from the text game thread I have in this forum, I have recently taken to the world of online dating in an attempt to broaden my horizons of women. I came to the realization recently that I have done very little "dating". And by very little, I mean I can't remember the last "date" I was on. I've always had women around, but every FWB, Girl I was seeing, or LTR always came from an acquaintance situation, where we hooked up or decided to "hang out" one on one.

    So tonight I had my first "actual" date. Messaged a girl online about some books she had on her profile. We emailed back and forth 4 times over the course of the week, which I think should be the maximum for a Number Close. I mentioned I had to pick up a couple of books for my upcoming business trip, and that she should accompany me.

    We ended up meeting at the bookstore, and I was blown away. Her pictures did not do her justice whatsoever. I have to say this girl was GORGEOUS. I approached her, made eye contact, smiled, firm handshake. Check, check, check. We spent about an hour roaming around the bookstore, pointing out things we have read to one another, chatting about family, interests, etc. Tons of eye contact and smiles.

    Once I had my books picked out, I proposed that we get a coffee. She was receptive. There was a coffee shop attached to the bookshop, but I didn't like the seating arrangements so I suggested a change of scenery. We walked to a place close by.

    Conversation was good, pretty standard fare for a first date "getting to know each other" kind of thing from what I remember. Lots of shared interests and opinions, she brought up the previous relationship conversation. Tons of eye contact. We actually had a pretty fun cwonvo about online dating, and our similar opinions on it. She mentioned how the bookstore was a great idea. I will admit some of our conversation was fairly dry, but from what I could tell she was a fairly quiet, practical, modern girl, and maybe a little shy. I exhibited a lot of dhv through storytelling, and definitely came across as non-needy and independent.

    There was a bit of Kino, I touched her arm a few times in the bookstore, and we high fived a couple of times during the coffee portion. She paid for the beverages, I accepted it with an appreciative "Thank You".

    I will admit though, my close was weak, I think I'm rusty. Once the coffee was done we decided it was time to leave, and had parked on opposite sides of the mall. I walked her to her exit, and she initiated a hug close outside and we traded the standard "Great to meet you, have a good night".

    All in all, it seemed to go fairly well. I'll be texting her in a couple of days with:

    "Hey ____, it was nice meeting you Sunday, even though you ___________ (NEG based on convo). Let's do it again sometime, but something a little more interactive! Good luck this week "

    I'll be following up with how it plays out, any suggestions or observations?


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    Default Re: Online Dating Field Report - First Date

    Don't be afraid to escalate a bit more...
    Be flirty!

    I would text her something like:
    "Hey Book nerd, you were too shy to kiss me... so let's meet up again & you have my permission this time. "
    (Or anything along those lines.)

    Make it fun & be confident.... but definitely start flirting to avoid the friend zone!!

    Need one on one private coaching? PM me for details.

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