I'm sitting on the bus on my way to campus. I make sure I pick a place that is quiet and away from kids. A pretty girl sits nexts to me. I don't talk to her at first. In fact I kinda of ignore her and go about minding my own buisness. After waiting awhile but not before the people get too relaxed in thier seats before the trip I start up a conversation to be friendly. We are chatting like I would with a good friend. Swapping stories and having a few good laughs. The key is to be natural, don't start off sexual right away. Scope her out and see if she's wrothy of pursuit. Turns out we share some of the same hobbies and have similiar tastes in humor. Since we had stuff in common and we were both going to be back in town over the holidays it would be unnatural if i didn't ask her out. She agreed. We both didn't want to be doing nothing once christams had past. We exchanged numbers and agreed to go out in a couple of weeks. So it's just a Number Close and maybe we'll see eachother over the break. Be cool, be natural and have a good time.